Trading List


Trading List

Most of the shows below come from the original network broadcastS and are complete and unedited with original commercials. (*Asterisks indicate Canadian shows.)

A&E Stage (Jan. 12, 1995: Tribute to Stephen Sondheim; 75 min.)

ABC Silver Anniversary Celebration (Jan. 31, 1978: 25th anniversary special, 3 hrs. 20 min.)

ABC Stage '67 (1 hr. each)

  • Sept. 21, 1966: "Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn" with James Mason (episode #2)

  • Nov. 16, 1966: "Evening Primrose" with Tony Perkins, Charmian Carr, Larry Gates, Dorothy Stickney; music by Stephen Sondheim (episode #9)

  • Nov. 23, 1966: "Noon Wine" with Jason Robards, Olivia DeHavilland, Theodore Bikel (some pixellation throughout; episode #10)

  • Dec. 7, 1966: "On the Flip Side" with Rick Nelson; music by Burt Bacharach, lyrics by Hal David (episode #12)

  • Mar. 2, 1967: "Rodgers and Hart Today" with Bobby Darin, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Petula Clark, The Mamas and the Papas, Count Basie (episode #21)

Academy Awards

  • Mar. 29, 1989: 61st edition, produced by Allan Carr, featuring the notorious opening number; Best Picture goes to Rain Man (3 hrs.)

  • Many more still to catalogue...

Admiral Broadway Revue (1 hr. each)

  • Mar. 18, 1949: "World Cruise"

  • Apr. 8, 1949: "Hollywood" (with cameo from Milton Berle)

  • Apr. 15, 1949: "April Sun"

  • Apr. 22, 1949: "County Fair"

  • Jun. 3, 1949: "Encore" (series finale)

Ain't Misbehavin' (Jun. 21, 1982: TV broadcast of Broadway revue, featuring the music of Fats Waller, starring the original cast; no commercials, 1 1/2 hrs.)

The Alan Young Show (Feb. 8, 1951 East Coast repeat of show originally seen Jan. 16, 1951 on the West Coast, with Gloria De Haven, Franklin Pangborn, Ilene Woods, The Mellowmen, Tom Mahoney, 1/2 hr.)

Alice (May 7, 1978: repeat of "Alice by Moonlight," originally aired Oct. 30, 1977; ½ hr.)

All in the Family (½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 28, 1978: repeat of "Archie Gets the Business," originally aired Oct. 2, 1977; includes promo for the debut of "Dallas" (1 hr.)

  • May 7, 1978: repeat of "The Commercial," originally aired Jan. 8, 1978 (strobing picture with incorrect aspect ratio; looking for better-quality copy!)

  • Jun. 18, 1978: repeat of "Edith's Crisis of Faith" part 1, originally broadcast Dec. 25, 1977 as a one-hour episode

  • Jun. 25, 1978: repeat of "Edith's Crisis of Faith" part 2, originally broadcast Dec. 25, 1977 as a one-hour episode

  • Dec. 17, 1978: "California, Here We Are" with the return of Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers, who had left the series at the end of the previous season (1 hr.)

All You Need Is Love (Jul. 23, 1980: Documentary written by Stephen Sondheim about the evolution of musical theatre, with appearances by Sondheim, Hal Prince, Bob Fosse; no commercials, 52 min.)

America Alive! (Nov. 10, 1978: Lucille Ball answers questions from an audience of UCLA students, with hosts Jack Linkletter & David Sheehan, and Gary Morton; from a VHS source; 1 hr.)

American Experience (Jan. 6, 1992: “The Quiz Show Scandal” PBS documentary; 1 hr.)

American Masters (PBS arts documentary series)

  • Oct. 28, 1998: "Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note" (2 hrs.)

  • Feb. 4, 1999: “Jerome Robbins: Something To Dance About” (2 hrs.)

  • Aug. 18, 1999: "Yours for a Song: The Women of Tin Pan Alley" (1 hr.)

  • Oct. 21, 2001: "Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds" (2 hrs.)

The American Musical Theatre (rare local WCBS series with host Earl Wrightson)

  • Oct. 15, 1961: Stephen Sondheim, with Martha Wright and Ralph Curtis; includes a re-take of the opening sequence (1 hr.)

  • Apr. 1, 1962: Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (45 min.)

Amos 'n' Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy (1984: hosed by George Kirby, 55 min.)

Androcles and the Lion (Nov. 15, 1967: original Richard Rodgers musical written for TV, with Norman Wisdom, Noel Coward, Ed Ames, Brian Bedford, John Cullum; no commercials, 1 hr. 20 min.)

The Andy Williams Show (1 hr. each)

  • Mar. 14, 1966; guests are Shelley Berman, Al Hirt, and Chad & Jeremy; IN COLOR with burnt-in timecode

  • May 2, 1966: guests are Tallulah Bankhead, Sid Caesar, and The Beach Boys; IN COLOR with burnt-in timecode

Annie: It's the Hard-Knock Life, From Script to Stage (Jul. 19, 2013: documentary on the 2012 Broadway musical revival, 1 hr.)

The Annie Christmas Show (Dec. 4, 1977: Andrea McArdle, Dorothy Loudon, Reid Shelton, and the rest of the cast of Annie on Broadway; no commercials, 45 min.)

Annie Get Your Gun (Oct. 28, 1957: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with Mary Martin and John Raitt, 2 hrs.)

Anybody Can Play (Nov. 1958: host George Fenneman and assistant Judy Bamber in an episode of the short-lived ABC primetime game show; contestants: Nick/Barbara/Henry/Tootsie; ½ hr.)

*Anything You Can Do (taped Sept. 11, 1971: host Gene Wood presides over men and women competing in stunts; with time-code burn-in; 25 min.)

Applause (Mar. 13, 1973: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with Lauren Bacall, Penny Fuller, Larry Hagman, Sarah Marshall, Robert Mandan, Harvey Evans; no commercials, 1 hr. 40 min.)

Art Linkletter and the Kids (1950s: two undated episodes of this filmed syndicated series spun-off from Art’s daily "Kids Say the Darndest Things" segment on House Party; no commercials; 13 min. each)

As Caesar Sees It (series of comedy specials from the 1962-63 season starring Sid Caesar; a number of original Second City members appear in the supporting cast, and future game show host Jim Perry is the on-camera announcer; ½ hr. each)

  • Nov. 25, 1962: with Barbara Harris, Andrew Duncan, Paul Sand, Jane Connell, Norma Douglas, Jim Dooley

  • Dec. 15, 1962: with Jane Connell, Andrew Duncan, Paul Sand, Norma Douglas, Jim Dooley (no commercials)

Astaire Time (Sept. 28, 1960: Fred Astaire's third TV special; from a cable TV repeat in 2000; no commercials, 50 min.)

Bar Mitzvah Boy (Sept. 14, 1976: written by Jack Rosenthal and starring Jeremy Steyn, Kim Clifford, Mark Herman, Adrienne Posta, Maria Charles, Bernard Spear; originally broadcast as part of “Play for Today”; won the BAFTA for Best Single Play in 1977 and in 2000 it was placed 56th in a BFI poll of the 100 Greatest British Television Programs of the 20th century; 75 min.)

The Barbra Streisand Story (1980: a compilation by All Star Video of Barbra Streisand TV appearances from the 1960s and 1970s, including her rare 1962 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, her first two TV specials — My Name is Barbra and Color Me Barbra — plus a live 1976 concert performance of The Way We Were and rare clips from her very first TV appearance on The Tonight Show in 1961, the 1965 Emmy Awards, and The Judy Garland Show duet from 1963; 2 hrs.)

Barry Manilow: One Voice (May 19, 1980: Barry’s 4th annual ABC special features guest Dionne Warwick; there’s a surreal, unguarded moment where Barry confesses to his audience that he never knew his father, and relates a story about seeing his father backstage after a show; 1 hr.)

Baryshnikov in Hollywood (Apr. 21, 1982: with guests Dom DeLuise, Shirley MacLaine, Gene Wilder, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bernadette Peters, and Orson Welles; no commercials, 50 min.)

Baryshnikov on Broadway (Apr. 24, 1980: with guests Nell Carter and Liza Minnelli, taped from a 1985 [?] public television repeat; 50 min.)

Beat the Clock (original version of long-running stunt series with host Bud Collyer; ½ hr. each)

  • Nov. 28, 1953: first contestants, returning from the previous week, are Pvt. & Mrs. Lynnwood Shrader

  • Oct. 27 (?), 1956: first contestants, returning from the previous week, are Specialist and Mrs. Hal T. Price; bonus stunt is worth $10,000

The Beatles at Shea Stadium (Jan. 10, 1967: documentary co-produced by Ed Sullivan of the Beatles' Aug. 15, 1965 concert at Shea Stadium, NYC; no commercials; 50 min.)

The Beatrice Arthur Special (Jan. 19, 1980: with guests Rock Hudson, Melba Moore, Wayland Flowers and Madame; 1 hr.)

The Bell Telephone Hour (1 hr. each)

  • Apr. 29, 1960: "The Mikado" starring Groucho Marx

  • Jan. 20, 1966: "A Gershwin Portrait" with host Polly Bergen, John Raitt, Susan Watson, John Davidson, Diahann Carroll, André Previn (taped from a 1988 repeat on A&E, no commercials, 55 min.)

Bernadette Peters in Concert (1979: concert special shot at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, 48 min.)

The Best of Broadway (Dec. 8, 1954: a monthly series of Broadway plays and musicals adapted into one-hour version and produced live; on this edition, “The Philadelphia Story” is performed by Mary Astor, Dorothy McGuire, Charles Winninger, Neva Patterson, Richard Carlson, Dick Foran, John Payne, and Herbert Marshall, and more; 1 hr.)

The Betty White Show (Nov. 29, 1954: rare episode of Betty's daytime variety series, with guest Rin Tin Tin and a message from Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; ½ hr.)

The Betty White Show (1958: two partial episodes of Betty's nighttime variety series; 15 min. and 25 min.)

Beyond Vaudeville (Feb. 25, 1988: 7th episode of New York public-access TV talk/variety series, with guest Sammy Petrillo; 1/2 hr.)

The Big Showdown (Mar. 14, 1975 [recording date]: one of the only existing episodes of this short-lived game show hosted by Jim Peck, who falls as he makes his entrance; contestants are Andy, Diane, and Mike; no commercials; 23 min.)

The Big Surprise (Apr. 7, 1956: early in his career, Mike Wallace hosted this game show; here is the only surviving episode, featuring guest Errol Flynn; ½ hr.)

Billy (Feb. 26, 1979: pilot of Steve Guttenberg sitcom, closing credits missing, 1/2 hr.)

*Billy Bishop Goes to War (Nov. 10, 2010: TV adaptation of stage musical with Eric Peterson and John Gray, who originated their roles in the stage show thirty years earlier; 1 hr.)

The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour (Jan. 30, 1982: premiere episode of short-lived variety series; 50 min.)

The Bing Crosby Show (Oct. 1, 1958: guests Dean Martin, Patti Page, Mahalia Jackson, Tad Tadlock, Tom Hansen, Florence Henderson, Bill Hayes; very bright picture, 1 hr.)

Bing Crosby and Carol Burnett: Together Again for the First Time (Dec. 17, 1969: annual Bing Crosby Christmas special, with Roy Clark and Juliet Prowse; no commercials; 52 min.)

*Bingo at Home (1969: hosted by Jim Perry, contestants are Liz, Graham, Pamela, Julian, and Mary-Lou; Wed episode, last five minutes missing, 25 min.)

Blind Date (May 31, 1951: Arlene Francis hosts an early ABC network dating show; this episode is “Father’s Night,” where the fathers help their children get set up on a date; first contestant is Alice Murphy; ½ hr.)

Blockbusters (Dec. 18, 1980: Bill Cullen hosts this fun game show that pits one contestant versus two; this episode is from the second month of the show’s NBC run, and opens with Donna competing in the Gold Rush bonus game; ½ hr.)

The Bob & Ray Show (c. 1951: with Audrey Meadows, no commercials, 15 min.)

Bob & Ray, Jane, Laraine & Gilda (Mar. 31, 19791: late-night special from the SNL team, starring Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, and musical guest Willie Nelson; no commercials; 70 min.)

The Bob Hope Chevy Show (Oct. 21, 1956: with guests Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley, Diana Dors, James Cagney, Don Larsen, Les Brown and His Band of Renown; some commercials; 53 min.)

Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (no commercials; 50 min. each)

  • Apr. 24, 1964: “Time For Elizabeth” starring Groucho Marx, based on his Broadway play

  • Oct. 2, 1964: “Think Pretty” starring Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase written by Garry Marshall & Jerry Belson

The Bob Hope Special (Nov. 6, 1969: Bob Hope reprises his role as Huckleberry Haines in the Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach musical “Roberta,” with John Davidson, Janis Paige, Michele Lee, Irene Hervey, Eve McVeagh, Laura Miller, Ann Shoemaker, and Les Brown and His Band of Renown; recorded at the Bob Hope Theatre in Dallas, TX as a benefit for SMU's Meadows School of the Arts; 1 ½ hrs.)

Bobby Darin and Friends (1961: pilot for variety series with Jimmy Durante, Joanie Summers, and Bob Hope, written by Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear; no commercials; 50 min.)

Bonny Maid Versa-Tiles (1949: early TV variety show, ½ hr.)

*The Boys From Syracuse (Dec. 28, 1986: Stratford Festival production of Rodgers & Hart musical, shot for TV, with Colm Feore, Gearing Wyn Davies, Keith Thomas, Susan Wright, Douglas Campbell, Benedict Campbell, Goldie Semple, Alicia Jeffry; 2 hrs. 10 min.)

Brains and Brawn (1958: short-lived NBC game show hosted by Jack Lescoulie and CBC's Fred Davis, ½ hr.)

Break the Bank (Mar. 7?, 1956: Bert Parks hosts this early ABC game show; first contestants are Mr. and Mrs. Cy Kelly, and Bert sings “The Tender Trap” in this episode; this is a pretty straight-ahead quiz series, which really gets by on the appeal and charisma of its gregarious host … also contains some very interesting and original camerawork; ½ hr.)

Broadway Legends (May 12, 2002: Documentary about working on Broadway hosted by Matthew Broderick, with Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince, Neil Simon, Lauren Bacall, Nathan Lane, Julie Harris, Kitty Carlisle, Jason Robards; 1 hr.)

Broadway Open House (Dec. 1950: host Jerry Lester, bandleader Milton DeLugg, and Dagmar, 50 min.)

*Bumper Stumpers (Dec. 1989: Al DuBois hosts, Etta & Elaine vs. Grant & Mark; first minute missing, 1/2 hr.)

Burt Bacharach specials (no commercials; 53 min. each)

  • Mar. 14, 1971: Burt’s first TV special with Tom Jones, Rudolph Nureyev, and Barbra Streisand

  • May 1972: “The Magical Music of Burt Bacharach,” Burt’s third special, with Sacha Distel, Joel Grey, and Dionne Warwick

*The Cab Calloway Show (Apr. 16, 1959: incredibly rare local CBC variety special starring Cab Calloway and backed by the José Ponéira Quartet, broadcast from the Rancho Don Carlos, Winnipeg; ½ hr.)

Caesar's Hour (see also Your Show of Shows below)

  • Oct. 25, 1954: episode #4, sketches include "Der Flying Ace" (1 hr.)

  • Date unknown: partial episode (40 min.)

  • Date unknown: with guest Janet Blair (45 min.)

Camera Three (1/2 hr. each)

  • Nov. 29, 1964: "The Cradle Will Rock" with Howard Da Silva, Jerry Orbach, Nancy Andrews, Hal Buckley, Clifford David, Micki Grant

  • Apr. 25, 1965: "The Making of a Musical: Do I Hear a Waltz?" with Arthur Laurents, Stephen Sondheim, Beni Montresor

  • Dec. 19, 1971: "The Parables of Godspell" featuring excerpts from the show performed by the second Off-Broadway cast

  • Mar. 18, 1973: "The Filming of Godspell" with John-Michael Tebelak, Stephen Schwartz, director David Greene, Victor Garber, and the cast of the film

  • Mar. 28, 1976: "Anatomy of a Song" with Frank Rich, Stephen Sondheim, John Weidman, Mako, James Dybas, Mark Hsu Syers, and Gedde Watanabe; includes a performance of "Someone in a Tree" from Pacific Overtures

  • Sept. 12, 1976: "Marc Blitzstein: American Composer with a Message" with John Houseman, Aaron Copland, Jerry Jarrett, Brenda Lewis, Arvin Brown, Joyce Ebert

  • Sept. 19, 1976: "The Cradle That Rocked Broadway" with Leonard Bernstein, Howard Da Silva, John Houseman, Anthony Baska

  • Jun. 19, 1977: "Songs from The Grass Harp" with Ruth Ford, Leigh Berry, Carol Brice, Shirley Lemmon, Kevin Sessums

  • Oct. 2, 1977: "The Golden Apple" Part 1 with Margaret Whiting and Swen Swenson

  • Oct. 9, 1977: "The Golden Apple" Part 2 with Margaret Whiting and Swen Swenson

*Canada AM (Jun. 3, 2016: final episode after 42-year run on CTV; announcement regarding the finale was made just one day prior to the last broadcast; 3 hrs.)

Carnegie Hall Salutes Jack Benny (Sept. 27, 1961: Jack Benny is honoured with Isaac Stern, Benny Goodman, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, Van Cliburn, and Roberta Peters; 1 hr.)

The Carol Burnett Show (1 hr. each)

  • Oct. 2, 1967: Tim Conway (first appearance), Gloria Loring, Lucille Ball (episode #4, B&W kinescope)

  • Feb. 12, 1968: Betty Grable, Martha Raye (no commercials)

  • Sept. 22, 1971: Tim Conway, The Carpenters (no commercials)

  • Jan. 19, 1972: Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry, The Carpenters

  • Mar. 29, 1978: series finale (possibly recorded from a Sept. 8, 1979 repeat on WBIR Knoxville; 2 hrs.)

  • Nov. 26, 2001: "Showstoppers," a retrospective special featuring bloopers from the long-running series; this show got 30 million viewers!

Carousel (May 7, 1967: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with Robert Goblet, Mary Grover, Pernell Roberts, Marilyn Mason, Linda Howe, and Patricia Neway; 2 hrs.)

Carson's Cellar (1954: rare episode of Johnny Carson's local KNXT comedy show, with guest Jack Bailey; incomplete episode; 20 min.)

*Cash Cab Canada (no commercials, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Sept. 10, 2008: premiere, first game with Jeff, Barry, Lisa (episode #1)

  • Oct. 22, 2008?: first game with Matt and Chad (episode #7)

  • Oct. 29, 2008?: first game with Rob, Wesley, Joe (episode #8)

Cavalcade of Stars (early DuMont network variety series; 1 hr. each)

  • Jun. 3, 1950: host Jerry Lester and guests Jackie Robinson and Kyle MacDonnell

  • Aug. 26, 1950: host Jackie Gleason welcomes guests Burt Wheeler and Vivan Blaine

  • Sept. 16, 1950: host Jackie Gleason with guests are Smith and Dale, Victor Borge, and an unknown, unbilled actor named Art Carney!

CBS At 75 (Nov. 2, 2003: all-star special celebrating the 75th anniversary of CBS; no commercials; 3 hrs.)

CBS News 

  • Jan. 1, 1949: Douglas Edwards with up-to-the-minute developments from all parts of the world (15 min.)

  • Apr. 4, 1968: Dan Rather with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (1/2 hr.)

CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years (Nov. 28, 1976: all-star salute to Lucille Ball with a rare appearance from CBS founder William Paley and featuring clips from Lucy's entire TV career up to that point; no commercials; 1 hr. 35 min.)

*Celebrity Cooks (host: Bruno Gerussi; all episodes taped from 1997-98 repeats, ½ hr. each)

  • 1977: guest Liz Torres

  • 1977: guest David Letterman (first few minutes cut off)

  • 1978: guest Julia Child

Chain Reaction (1/2 hr. each)

  • Jun. 20, 1980: finale of original series hosted by Bill Cullen with Betty White, Jay Johnson, Ron Silver, and Joyce Bulifant

  • *1991: "The $40,000 Chain Reaction" hosted by Geoff Edwards, first game is Jean vs. Gloria, last five minutes missing

Chesterfield Sound Off Time (Jan. 6, 1952: host Fred Allen welcomes guests Dave Garroway and Zeke Manners; Dave plugs the upcoming premiere of The Today Show; ½ hr.)

Chicken Soup (1989: all 8 episodes of the short-lived Jackie Mason ABC sitcom; no commercials; 23 min. each)

A Christmas Story (Dec. 1988: primetime broadcast of classic 1983 film from Great Movies on Toronto's Citytv; 2 hrs.)

Cinderella (Mar. 31, 1957: original Rodgers & Hammerstein musical composed for CBS, starring Julie Andrews; no commercials; 75 min.)

Classic Concentration (host: Alex Trebek, 1/2 hr. each; see also Concentration below)

  • 1988: Teddy vs. Madelon

  • 1989: Tricia vs. David -- Celebrating the 1960s and Woodstock (Alex Trebek is dressed like a hippie)

  • May 1991: 1000th episode, Joy vs. Dave (no commercials)

  • Sept. 2o, 1991: final episode, Bob vs. Amy

The Colgate Comedy Hour (1 hr. each)

  • Sept. 17, 1950: 2nd episode; hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Marilyn Maxwell, Leonard Barr (Dean Martin's uncle), and The Honeydreamers

  • Feb. 4, 1951: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Polly Bergen, Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles

  • Apr. 1, 1951: host Eddie Cantor with guests Eddie Fisher, Marion Colby, a 19-year-old Joel Grey, opera singer Evelyn Gould, William Warfield, Tony & Eddie, violinist Miche'le Auclair, and dancers Gehrig and Weissmuller (no commercials; 50 min.)

  • Apr. 15, 1951: host Tony Martin with guests Fred Allen, Celeste Holm, Kathryn Lee, Peanuts Hucko, Richard Loo, Lynn Loring, Art & Mort Havel, Joe Morgan

  • Apr. 29, 1951: live from Chicago; hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Helen O'Connell, Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles, and Ladd Lyon (Mike Wallace announcing)

  • Nov. 4, 1951: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Dorothy Dandridge, Danny Arnold, and Bob and Eddie Mayo

  • Dec. 30, 1951: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Eve Young, Ray Malone, Danny Arnold, Margaret Dumont, and Mike Mazurki

  • Jan. 13, 1952: hosts Abbott and Costello with Errol Flynn, Rhonda Fleming, Bruce Cabot, and a cameo by George Raft (no commercials)

  • Feb. 3, 1952: host Donald O’Connor with Kay Starr, Ben Blue, Sid Miller, Frank Nelson, Scatman Crothers, Corinne Calvet, and Gwen Carter (pixellated)

  • Feb. 10, 1952: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Ray Malone, Jill Jarmon, Danny Arnold, Sheldon Leonard, Mike Mazurki, and a cameo from writer Norman Lear

  • Apr. 6, 1952: from New York; hosts Abbott and Costello with Charles Laughton, Isabel Bigley, Johnny Conrad and his Dancers, with Don Pardo announcing; promoting the premiere of the film Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Sept. 21, 1952: 3rd season premiere; hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Rosemary Clooney

  • Nov. 30, 1952: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Kitty Kallen and Robert Strauss

  • Jan. 25, 1953: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Connie Russell, Ray Malone, Danny Arnold; recuperating from a knee injury, Jerry does the entire show sitting down; clips from previous episodes are shown

  • May 3, 1953: hosts: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Mary McCarty, Benny Rubin, Sheldon Leonard, Frank Nelson, Jack Kruschen

  • Oct. 4, 1953: 4th season premiere; hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Burt Lancaster

  • Nov. 8, 1953: host Jimmy Durante with Frank Sinatra, The Gay Tyroliers, Eddie Jackson, Jules Buffano, Jack Roth, Jackie Barnett, and Wanda Smith's Cover Girls (no commercials)

  • Jan. 24, 1954: host Ethel Merman with Jimmy Durante and Gene Nelson

  • Feb. 28, 1954: "Anything Goes" with Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Bert Lahr (no commercials)

  • May 2, 1954: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Dick Humphreys, Gretchen Houser, and The Treniers

  • Dec. 19, 1954: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Jack Benny (billed as "Phil Abrams")

  • Feb. 20, 1955: live from New Orleans with host Gordon MacRae, Peggy Lee, Louis Armstrong, Gene Sheldon, Skeet and Pete, New Orleans Jazz Saints, and Carmen Dragon and His Orchestra

  • May 8, 1955: hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Jimmy Durante, George Raft

  • Jun. 5, 1955: 5th season finale; hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with Sonny King, Buddy Rich, Peggie Castle, Paula Voss, The Ebonaires

The Colgate Variety Hour (follow-up to the long-running Comedy Hour series; 1 hr. each)

  • Jul. 24, 1955: 5th episode with host Jack Webb promoting his upcoming film Pete Kelly’s Blues, with guests Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Anthony, The Big Eight jazz combo, dancers Miriam Nelson and Jack Regis; the orchestra is conducted by Ray Heindorf, and the announcer is Wendell Niles; portions of the episode are cut but the episode is otherwise complete (45 min.)

  • Dec. 11, 1955: a salute to George Abbott, with Helen Hayes, Eddie Albert, Edie Adams, John Raitt, Gwen Verdon, Nancy Walker, Sam Levene, Elaine Stritch, Russell Nype, Peter Gennaro, and Bob Fosse

Concentration (½ hr. each, see also Classic Concentration above)

  • Nov. 1958: host is Hugh Downs; contestants Walter vs. Robert (pixelated and blurry image; no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Sept. 13, 1963: host is Hugh Downs; 1st annual “Challenge of Champions” with contestants Ralph vs. Arthur

  • Oct. 1969: host is Bob Clayton; 7th annual “Challenge of Champions” with contestants Diane vs. Pat (no credits or commercials; 23 min.)

  • Mar. 23, 1973: host is Bob Clayton, color kinescope of finale from original NBC run; short segment missing (no commercials; 23 min.)

  • 1978: host is Jack Narz; contestants Linda vs. Randy (no commercials, poor quality)

Cop Rock (musical drama series for ABC created by Stephen Bochco; taped from A&E repeats, no commercials, 45 min. each)

  • Sept. 26, 1990: "Pilot" (episode #1)

  • Oct. 3, 1990: "Ill-Gotten Gaines" (episode #2)

  • Oct. 10, 1990: "Happy Mudder's Day" (episode #3)

  • Oct. 17, 1990: "A Three-Course Meal" (episode #4)

  • Oct. 24, 1990: "The Cocaine Mutiny" (episode #5)

  • Oct. 31, 1990: "Oil of O'Lay" (episode #6)

  • Nov. 7, 1990: "Cop-a-Feeling" (episode #7)

  • Nov. 21, 1990: "Potts Don't Fail Me Now" (episode #8)

  • Dec. 26, 1990: "Bang the Potts Slowly" (final episode)

Copacabana (Dec. 3, 1985: original made-for-TV musical, with Barry Manilow, Annette O'Toole, Estelle Getty, Joseph Bologna, Ernie Sabella; 2 hrs.)

The Cradle Will Rock (Jan. 29, 1986: TV adaptation of 1937 Broadway musical, with Patti LuPone, hosted and directed by John Houseman; 1 1/2 hrs.)

Crisis in Six Scenes (Sept. 30, 2016: all six episodes of Woody Allen's Amazon mini-series starring Woody, Elaine May, and Miley Cyrus; approx. 23 min. each)

The Crucible (May 4, 1967: adaptation of Arthur Miller play that aired on CBS, starring George C. Scott, Colleen Dewhurst, Melvyn Douglas, Fritz Weaver, Henry Jones, Tuesday Weld, and more; watermarked video; 2 hrs.)

Dagmar's Canteen (Nov. 30, 1951, 1/2 hr.)

Dames at Sea (Nov. 15, 1971: TV adaptation of Off-Broadway musical with Ann Miller, Ann-Margret, Anne Meara, Fred Gwynne, and Harvey Evans; 1 hr.)

Damn Yankees (Apr. 8, 1967: TV adaptation of Broadway musical with Phil Silvers, Lee Remick; 1 hr. 45 min.)

The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood (Nov. 28, 1965: original Jule Styne/Bob Merrill musical starring Liza Minnelli and Cyril Ritchard; no commercials, 50 min.)

The Danny Kaye Show (Oct. 21, 1964: 5th episode of season 2 with guests Angela Lansbury and John Gary; no commercials, first few seconds of episode cut off; 50 min.)

The Danny Thomas Hour (Oct. 2, 1967: “It's Greek To Me" with Joe Besser, Vic Damone, Buddy Hackett, Juliet Prowse, and more; black-and-white, no commercials; 50 min.)

A Date With Debbie (Dec. 27, 1960: Debbie Reynolds ABC special with Carl Reiner, Walter Brennan, Cannonball Adderley, Carleton Carpenter, Charlie Ruggles; video quality, not kinescope; 1 hr.)

Date With The Angels (Betty White's second TV sitcom; no commercials; ½ hr. each)

  • Jun. 7, 1957: "Tree on the Driveway" with Nancy Culp, Richard Deacon, and Burt Mustin (episode #5)

  • Sept. 6, 1957: "Return of the Wheel" (episode #13)

The David Frost Show (syndicated talk show, 1 1/2 hrs. each)

  • May 18, 1970: Jack Benny

  • Jun. 23, 1971: Cast and crew from Stephen Sondheim's Broadway musical, Follies, with Alexis Smith, Dorothy Collins, Yvonne DeCarlo, Hal Prince, James Goldman, Stephen Sondheim, Gene Nelson, John McMartin, and more

The David Letterman Show (short-lived live NBC morning show featuring Edwin Newman reading the news and Frank Owens and “The David Letterman Symphony Orchestra”; 1 hr. each)

  • Jun. 23, 1980: premiere with Jeff Greenfield (AUDIO ONLY; ½ hr. excerpt)

  • Sept. 30, 1980: Steve Martin, Ruth Carter Stapleton, Rich Hall, Small Town News, Coffee Cup Theatre

  • Oct. 23, 1980: Steve Allen, new Hallowe'en costumes (episode #89)

  • Oct. 24, 1980: final show (episode #90)

David Letterman’s Holiday Film Festival (Nov. 29, 1985: primetime NBC special with Bette Midler, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton, Harry Shearer, and David Sanborn; 2 hrs.)

The Dean Martin Show (1 hr. each)

  • Feb. 1, 1958: Club Oasis show with Frank Sinatra, Danny Thomans, Barbra Perry, Jill St. John, Danny Kaye

  • Sept. 16, 1965: premiere with Frank Sinatra, Joey Heatherton, Diahann Carroll, Jan & Dean, Bob Newhart, Danny Thomas, Steve Allen, and Frankie Avalon; no commercials, B&W kinescope, 50 min.)

  • Nov. 23, 1972: guests are Jack Benny, Nipsey Russell, and Lynn Anderson (DISC MAY BE CORRUPTED; NEED TO CHECK)

Debbie Does Las Vegas (Jun. 1, 1985: cable TV special starring Debbie Reynolds, with guests Dionne Warwick, Teri Garr, Florence Henderson, Rose Marie, Shelley Winters; 55 min.)

*Definition (host: Jim Perry, 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1979: guests are Audrey Landers and Terry Carter; excerpt only (10 min.)

  • 1985: guests are Dan Matheson and Pat Marsden

  • 1985: guests are Lynn Gordon and Tony Rosato

  • 1986: Harold and Leslie Ann vs. Marilyn and Marcel

  • 1986: Harold and Leslie Ann vs. Mary Catherine and Mike

  • Mar. 1987: 14th season finale and Tournament of Champtions finals, Beth and Carol vs. Rod and Jeffrey (no commercials)

Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman (Apr. 13, 1969: comedic and musical reunion with Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore; no commercials; 50 min.)

The Dick Van Dyke Show (½ hr. each)

  • Jan. 16,. 1962: "The Curious Thing About Women" (episode #17)

  • Oct. 17, 1962: "Bank Book 6565696" (episode #33)

  • Sept. 15, 1965: "Coast to Coast Big Mouth" (fifth season premiere; episode #128)

The Dick Van Dyke Special (Apr. 11, 1967: color kinescope of Dick Van Dyke's first solo television special; no commercials; 52 min.)

Dinah! (talk show hosted by Dinah Shore)

  • Nov. 7, 1975: Liza Minnelli, John Kander, and Fred Ebb discuss and perform numbers from Chicago, with a cameo from Chita Rivera (slight sync issues in the second half, no commercials, 70 min.)

  • May 1978: Tribute to Jack Benny with Rich Little, Phil Harris, Mary Livingstone (first half only, 50 min. excerpt)

The Dinah Shore Show

  • Oct. 5, 1956: premiere episode with Frank Sinatra (premiering his new song, “Hey! Jealous Lover”), Dizzy Dean, Johnny Silver, Pamela Duncan, and Leo Durocher, with the Skylarks (below-average quality; 45 min.)

  • Jan. 8, 1961: guests include Wayne & Shuster and Al Hirt; second half only (½ hr.)

  • May 12, 1963: with Barbra Streisand, Georgia Brown, The Chad Mitchell Trio and Sam Fletcher, Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier (1 hr.)

Ding Dong School (Jul. 31, 1953: Frances Horwich’s gentle children’s series, known at "the nursery school of the air;” this episode features bubble-blowing and storytelling; ½ hr.)

Dirty Dancing (Dec. 10, 1988: "Poetry in Motion," 6th episode of short-lived series based on the hit movie; opening slightly cut off, poor quality; ½ hr.)

Do You Trust Your Wife? (filmed game show modelled after You Bet Your Life, starring Edgar Bergen; ½ hr. each)

  • 1956: first contestants include a couple who married in their mid-teens and had 4 children by the time they turned 22

  • Nov. 13, 1956: first contestants are Norman and Effie, and the returning contestants are Erik and Helena Gude

  • Nov. 20, 1956: first contestants are Bert and Marjorie Wetzel (some digital strobing)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Mar. 7, 1973: TV musical with a score by Lionel Bart, and starring Kirk Douglas, Donald Pleasance, Susan George, Susan Hampshire, and Sir Michael Redgrave; no commercials; 75 min.)

Dollar a Second (1955?: episode of zany game show hosted by comedian Jan Murray, with Ken Roberts announcing; first contestant is Bernice Sawyer; ½ hr.)

Domestic Life (Jan. 11, 1984: "Small Crane's Court," 2nd episode of short-lived sitcom executive produced by Steve Martin and starring Martin Mull; poor quality; ½ hr.)

Donahue (1 hr. each)

  • Jun. 5, 1987: "Broadway Bound" with Neil Simon, producer Joseph Papp, Jackie Mason, and musical performances by cast members of the Broadway shows Cats, Les Misérables, and Starlight Express

  • Mar. 26, 1990: the original cast of A Chorus Line reunites to commemorate the musical's closing (no commercials)

  • Nov. 9, 1992: 25th anniversary primetime special taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC, with clips and appearances from all the other daytime talk show hosts (2 hrs.)

Dorothy (Aug. 1979: short-lived sitcom starring Dorothy Loudon; 2 episodes of the 4 that aired; no commercials, 24 min. each)

Doug Henning's World of Magic (no commercials; 45 min. each)

  • Feb. 15, 1980: 5th edition, with Bill Cosby, Barbi Benton, Melba Moore

  • Feb. 15, 1981: 6th edition, with Ricky Schroeder and Marie Osmond

  • Feb. 14, 1983: 7th edition, "Dream House" special with Ann Jillian, Bruce Jenner, Billy Crystal, and Debby Henning

Down You Go (Sept. 26, 1951: host Dr. Bergen Evans, Jerome Weidman, Patricia Cutts, Francis Coughlin, and Laraine Day, 1/2 hr.)

*Dracula: A Chamber Musical (Nov. 16, 1999; TVO/CBC broadcast of Richard Ouzounian/Marek Norman musical, from the Avon Theatre at the Stratford Festival; 1 hr. 45 min.)

DuPont Show of the Month (series of musical/theatrical TV specials; 1 1/2 hrs. each)

  • Feb. 21, 1958: Cole Porter's "Aladdin," with Sal Mineo and Cyril Ritchard (original TV musical)

  • Sept. 22, 1958: "Harvey" starring Art Carney, with Larry Blyden, Ray Bramley, Fred Gwynne, Marion Lorne, Elizabeth Montgomery, Charlotte Rae, Loring Smith, Jack Weston, Ruth White (TV adaptation of play/film)

The Ed Sullivan Show (aka Toast of the Town; 1 hr. each)

  • May 29, 1949: Zero Mostel, Kitty Kallen, Babe Didrikson, Johnny Mack, Martini and Consuelo

  • Nov. 6, 1949: Wally Cox, Phil Rizzuto

  • Jan. 22, 1950: Joey Adams, Paul Draper, Les Compagnons de la Chanson, The Roulettes, Oldfield and Ware

  • Jan. 29, 1950: Dinah Shore, Vic Damone, Alice Pearce, Ross and Ross, The Jaywalkers, and Joan Holloway

  • Apr. 7, 1953: Gene Autry, John Raitt

  • Dec. 13, 1953: Frankie Laine, The Nicholas Brothers, Jimmy Boyd, Pat Henning, The Great Rubolsky, Robert Wagner

  • Aug. 21, 1955: Salute to the movie "The Girl Rush" with Rosalind Russell, Eddie Albert, Ella Mae Morse, Tony Bennett, Gloria DeHaven, songwriters Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane (performing "The Trolley Song"), and Marion Lorne (with time-code burn-in)

  • Sept. 9, 1956: Elvis Presley's first appearance (singing "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Ready Teddy," and "Hound Dog") with guest host Charles Laughton and Dorothy Sarnoff, The Vagabonds, Conn and Mack, Carl Ballantine, and Amru Sani

  • Oct. 21, 1956: Otto Preminger, Jean Seberg, Marion Marlowe, Jack Paar, Henri Salvador, Davis and Reese, and a chimpanzee boxing match

  • Oct. 28, 1956: Elvis Presley's second appearance (singing "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Love Me," and "Hound Dog") with Señor Wences, Joyce Grenfell, and the original Broadway cast of The Most Happy Fella

  • Jan. 6, 1957: Elvis Presley's third appearance, shot from the waist up (singing "Hound Dog," "Love Me Tender," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel," "Too Much," "When Me Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again," and "Peace in the Valley"), with Arthur Worsley, Carol Burnett, Sugar Ray Robinson, and more

  • Jan. 20, 1957: Sonny James, Ivory Joe Hunter, Fess Parker, The Tarriers, Jill Corey, Marion Marlowe, Ben Blue, Three Markays, John Cassevetes in audience

  • Apr. 7, 1957: Fred Astaire, Fredric March, Buddy Knox, Ferlin Husky, Jimmy Bowen, Abbe Lane with Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra, Jacqueline Francois, a scene from the Broadway play "A Hole in the Head" with Paul Douglas, David Burns, Kay Medford, and 11-year-old Tommy White, and more

  • May 26, 1957: Jayne Mansfield, Jack Webb, Bill Kenny, Sam Snead, Phil Foster, Ricky Layne & Velvel, Dolores Gray, Gene Austin, Will Jordan

  • Sept. 15, 1957: The Andrews Sisters, Billy Ward and his Dominoes, Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother), Jill Corey, Mildred Miller, Pigmeat Markham and Shorty, Joe E. Lewis, Jules Munshin

  • Dec. 1, 1957: Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Sam Cooke, The Rays, Jean Carroll, Bobby Helms, Polly Bergen, Ray McKinley & the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Douglas Fairbanks

  • May 4, 1958: The Chordettes, David Seville, Lillian Roth, Amru Sani, Denise Darcel, Helen Gallagher, Ed Townsend, Wayne & Shuster (Julius Caesar sketch), Carol Haney & Peter Gennaro (with time-code burn-in)

  • Sept. 14, 1958: Tommy Edwards, Domenico Modugno, Jaye P. Morgan, Jacquelyn McKeever, original Broadway cast of West Side Story ("Cool"), Mickey Rooney, Joey Forman, Joe E. Lewis

  • Nov. 9, 1958: The Friar's Club roast Ed Sullivan, with Joe E. Lewis, Jack Carter, Walter Cronkite, Morey Amsterdam, Wayne & Shuster, Joey Bishop, Rocky Graziano, Abbe Lane, Jack E. Leonard, Phil Silvers

  • Nov. 20, 1960: Jerry Lewis, Sophie Tucker, Connie Francis, The Kim Sisters, Ford and Reynolds, Bert Wheeler and Tom Dillon, The Marquis Chimps (with time-code burn-in)

  • Apr. 23, 1961: Harpo Marx, Allen and Rossi, Buddy Greco, Timmie Rogers, Marisol, Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries (no commercials)

  • May 21, 1961: From the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas; Sandy Stewart, Phil Harris, The Jubilee Four, Jerry Lewis, Mac Ronay (first two minutes missing, with time-code burn-in)

  • Mar. 24, 1963: Barbra Streisand, Chubby Checker, Woody Herman, Morecambe & Wise, Totie Fields, Dave Madden, Tommy Cooper

  • Feb. 9, 1964: The Beatles' first appearance (singing "All My Loving," "Till There Was You," "She Loves You," "I Saw Her Standing There," and "I Want to Hold Your Hand"), with the original Broadway cast of Oliver! (featuring Georgia Brown and a young, pre-Monkees Mike Nesmith), Frank Gorshin, Tessie O'Shea, McCall & Brill, and Wells & The Four Fays

  • Feb. 16, 1964: The Beatles' second appearance (singing "She Loves You," "This Boy," "All My Loving," "I Saw Her Standing There," "From Me To You," and "I Want to Hold Your Hand"), with Allen & Rossi, Mitzi Gaynor, and Myron Cohen

  • Feb. 23, 1964: The Beatles' third appearance (singing "Twist and Shout," "Please Please Me," and "I Want to Hold Your Hand") with Morecambe & Wise, Gordon & Sheila MacRae, Dave Barry, Morty Gunty, and Cab Calloway

  • May 31, 1964: Dave Clark Five, Abbe Lane, Bill Cosby, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy, Helen Hayes

  • Jun. 27, 1964: 16th anniversary show with Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis, Bobby Vinton, Ferrante & Teicher

  • Oct. 25, 1964: The Rolling Stones' first appearance (singing "Around and Around" and "Time Is On My Side") with London Lee, Itzhak Perlman, Stiller and Meara, Peg Leg Bates, Laurence Harvey, The Kim Sisters, and Phyllis Diller

  • May 2, 1965: The Rolling Stones' second appearance (singing "The Last Time," "Little Red Rooster," "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love," and "2120 South Michigan Avenue), with Topo Gigio, Morecambe and Wise, Leslie Uggams, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, and Totie Fields

  • Sept. 12, 1965: The Beatles' fourth appearance (singing "I Feel Fine," "I'm Down," "Act Naturally," "Ticket To Ride," "Yesterday," and "Help!") with Soupy Sales, Cilla Black, Fantasio, and Allen & Rossi

  • Oct. 3, 1965: Judy Garland, Tom Jones, Sophie Tucker, The Swingin' Lads, Peter Sellers, Jackie Vernon, Topo Gigio, Marquis Chimps (B&W kinescope)

  • Feb. 6, 1966: The Animals, Rosemary Clooney, Alan King, Nancy Walker and Charles Nelson Reilly (with time-code burn-in)

  • Feb. 13, 1966: The Rolling Stones' third appearance (singing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "As Tears Go By," and "19th Nervous Breakdown") with Señor Wences, Eddie Schaeffer, Hal Holbrook, Romanian Folk Ballet, and Sandy Baron

  • Jun. 12, 1966: Joey Adams, Jackie Vernon, Wayne Newton, Dave Clark Five, the University of North Carolina Glee Club, Jackie Kahane (18th season finale; with time-code burn-in)

  • Sept. 11, 1966: The Rolling Stones' fourth appearance (singing "Paint It Black," "Lady Jane," and "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby...") with The Muppets, Franco Corelli and Renata Tebaldi, Louis Armstrong, Joan Rivers, Robert Goulet, and Red Skelton

  • Jan. 15, 1967: The Rolling Stones' fifth appearance (singing "Ruby Tuesday" and "Let's Spend the Night Together" [as "Let's Spend Some Time Together"]) with the Michael Bennett Dancers, Flip Wilson, Petula Clark, The Muppets, and Alan King

  • Dec. 1, 1968: Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Jack Carter, Tiny Tim, Englebert Humperdinck, Scoey Mitchell, Gloria Loring (with time-code burn-in)

  • Mar. 2, 1969: Alan King, Gwen Verdon, Nancy Walker, Nancy Ames, Flip Wilson, Paul Anka, The Checkmates (B&W kinescope, no commercials)

  • Apr. 6, 1969: Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, Shirley Verrett (Metropolitan Opera singer), Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Eddie Albert, Edward Villella & Patricia McBride of The New York City Ballet (with time-code burn-in)

  • May 18, 1969: The Fifth Dimension, Liza Minnelli, The West Point Glee Club, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Bill Dana, Vino Venito

  • Nov. 23, 1969: The Rolling Stones' sixth appearance (singing "Gimme Shelter," "Love in Vain," and "Honky Tonk Woman") with Rodney Dangerfield, Topo Gigio, Ella Fitzgerald, Lucho Navarro, and Robert Klein

  • Mar. 1, 1970: The Beatles Songbook with The Beatles (on film), Dionne Warwick, Peggy Lee, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, The Muppets

  • Broadway Compilation 1: includes performances from the Broadway casts of My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Flower Drum Song, Bye Bye Birdie, Do Re Mi, Wildcat, Camelot, The Sound of Music, Little Me, Man of La Mancha, Annie Get Your Gun, Sweet Charity, Hair, Paint Your Wagon, George M!, Purlie, and more (4 hrs.)

  • Broadway Compilation 2: including performances from the Broadway casts of Funny Girl, The Girl Who Came to Supper, Let It Ride, No Strings, Stop the World ... I Want to Get Off, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Do I Hear a Waltz?, and more, as well as solo performances by Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, and others (4 hrs.)

  • Broadway Compilation 1948-1955: very rare clips from the earliest years of the series, featuring classic Broadway shows like South Pacific, The King & I, Carousel, Ankles Aweigh, and mare more (2 hrs.)

  • Broadway Compilation 4: including performances from Say, Darling, Jamaica, Donnybrook, I Had a Ball, The Mad Show, and performances from Yul Brynner, Liza Minnelli, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Janet Blair, Grace Kelly, Gordon & Sheila MacRae, Ethel Merman, Alfred Drake, Anita Gillette, and more (2 hrs.)

Ed Sullivan’s Broadway (Mar. 16, 1973: two years after his series was cancelled, Ed Sullivan returned to CBS with this special featuring Jack Cassidy, Julie Harris, Lou Jacobi, Michele Lee, Ethel Merman, Marilyn Michaels, Frank Sinatra Jr., Bobby Van, Melvin Van Peebles, Gwen Verdon, Hattie Winston, Samuel E. Wright; with burnt-in time code; 1 ½ hrs.)

The Edsel Show (Oct. 13, 1957: variety special with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Louis Armstrong, Lindsay Crosby, The Four Preps, Bob Hope; 1 hr.)

Elvis (Dec. 3, 1968: the classic 1968 “comeback special,” in the original “director’s cut” version from a good-quality VHS source; originally presented in 1977 after Elvis’ death [the original special was an hour]; no commercials; 75 min.)

Emmy Awards

  • Mar. 7, 1955: 7th edition, hosted by Steve Allen and Dave Garroway; the first nationally televised Emmy Awards ceremony, from Hollywood and New York (AUDIO ONLY from WNBK-TV 3 Cleveland, Ohio; 1 ½ hrs.)

  • May 6, 1959: 11th edition, presented from New York, Washington, and Los Angeles; contains a famous sketch by Nichols and May (75 min.)

  • Many more still to catalogue...

The Entertainers (Sept. 25, 1964: hilarious and amazing premiere episode of variety series starring Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, and Caterina Valente, with Tessie O'Shea, Art Buchwald, John Davidson, Dom DeLuise, and Jack Burns; 50 min.)

E/R (rare CBS sitcom starring Elliott Gould; ½ hr. each)

  • Nov. 28, 1984: "A Cold Night in Chicago" (episode #13)

  • Feb. 6, 1985: "Merry Wives of Sheinfeld (Part 2)" (episode #20, third-last episode, with George Clooney and Jason Alexander)

Evening at the Pops (Aug. 1, 2004: Kristin Chenoweth and a tribute to movie musicals, with Rob Marshall; 1 hr.)

An Evening with Diana Ross (Mar. 6, 1977: no commercials, 75 min.)

An Evening with Fred Astaire (Oct. 17, 1958: Fred Astaire's first TV special, with Barrie Chase and Jonah Jones; IN COLOR, no commercials, 50 min.)

An Evening with Jerry Lewis (Mar. 10, 2013: taped in Las Vegas, includes great clips from Jerry's film and TV appearances; 1 1/2 hrs.)

Eye Guess (1968: Bill Cullen-hosted game show; episode begins with Mildred at the bonus round; poor quality; no commercials)

The Face is Familiar (Jul. 16, 1966: rare color episode of this CBS summer replacement game show; host Tom Whitaker with guests Pearl Bailey and Mel Brooks; from Game Show Network rerun; ½ hr.)

*Face the Music (Mar. 1976 [taped in May 1975]: rare episode of CHCH game show with host Alan Thicke; no commercials, image is pixellated; ½ hr.)

Fail Safe (Apr. 9, 2000: live drama broadcast in black-and-white on CBS, starring George Clooney [also the executive producer], Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Dennehy, Noah Wule, Don Cheadle, Harvey Kettle, Hank Azaria, and Sam Elliott; two versions available: with and without original commercials; 2 hrs.)

Family Feud (½ hr. each)

  • 1975: original unaired series pilot with Richard Dawson

  • 1985: final episode of original series, includes post-show speech from Richard not broadcast on TV

  • 1992: "Family Feud Challenge" one-hour format with Bullseye round; features a memorable family (the Terwilligers from Buffalo) and a solo Fast Money win (no commercials; 42 min.)

The Family Game (1967: Bob Barker hosts a Chuck Barris creation similar to The Newlywed Game, where kids answer questions with their parents off-stage; the series lasted just 6 months on ABC, and is also the last new black-and-white series ever to air on network television in America; ½ hr.)

The Faye Emerson Show (15 min. each)

  • 1950 episode

  • May 25, 1951: with Steve Allen

*Festival (dramatic anthology series)

  • Dec. 19, 1960: "Julius Caesar," adapted by Paul Almond, with Fritz Weaver, William Shatner, Bruno Gerussi, Kate Reid, Frances Hyland, John Vernon, Ted Follows (2 hrs.)

  • Apr. 23, 1962: "Macbeth" starring Sean Connery in his first North American role, with Zoe Caldwell, Powys Thomas, William Needles, Ted Follows, Sharon Acker, Eric Christmas (1 1/2 hrs.)

50 Grand Slam (short-lived NBC daytime game show, host: Tom Kennedy; ½ hr. each)

  • Oct. 4, 1976: series premiere (with a cameo from Allen Ludden at the beginning)

  • Dec. 31, 1976: series finale (no commercials; 22 min.)

The 1st Barry Manilow Special (Mar. 2, 1977: ABC special with guest Penny Marshall; 1 hr.)

Fish (Dec. 20, 1977: "A Fish Christmas," 22nd episode of short-lived spin-off of Barney Miller starring Abe Vigoda; poor quality; ½ hr.)

Flo (Jun. 23, 1981: "No Men's Land," second-last episode of short-lived spin-off of Alice; no commercials; poor quality; 25 min.)

*Food For Thought (1989: premiere of game show, 1/2 hr.)

Ford Festival (Apr. 26, 1951: fourth episode of “The James Melton Show” with James’ special guests Victor Borge and Joan Bennett, featuring John Reed King and the Wiere Brothers; storyline revolves around Paris; opening clipped, no commercials; 50 min.)

Ford 50th Anniversary Special (Jun. 15, 1953, complete, including Mary Martin/Ethel Merman duet, 2 hrs.)

The Ford Show (Jun. 13, 1957: variety series starring Tennessee Ernie Ford, with guest Dr. Frank Baxter; 1/2 hr.)

Ford Star Jubilee (Sept. 24, 1955: Judy Garland stars in this special with David Wayne, which includes her famous performance of Over the Rainbow in a tramp costume; 1 hr. [original special was 1 ½ hrs. long])

Ford Startime (Nov. 24, 1959: "Ethel Merman on Broadway" with Ethel Merman, Tab Hunter, Fess Parker, Tom Poston, Bobby Sherwood; 1 hr.)

*Fosse: A Celebration in Song and Dance (Aug. 12, 1998: Livent-produced special broadcast on CTV  for the Toronto pre-Broadway tryout of the musical Fosse; featuring rehearsal footage, performances of numbers eventually cut from the show, and interviews with Garth Drabinsky, Gwen Verdon, Ann Reinking, and Nicole Fosse)

FOX Primetime Premiere Night (Apr. 5, 1987: pilot episodes of "Married ... With Children" and "The Tracey Ullman Show"; 1 hr.)

Frank Sinatra and Friends (Apr. 21, 1977: Frank and his guests perform; with John Denver, Natalie Cole, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Loretta Lynn, Leslie Uggams, and Robert Merrill; audio buzz throughout; 1 hr.)

Frank Sinatra: Ol' Blue Eyes is Back (Frank came out of a short retirement with this special, shot in front of an all-star audience, with his guest Gene Kelly; two versions available)

  • Sept. 18-20, 1973: over one hour from the full taping of the special, including outtakes and behind-the-scenes moments (68 min.)

  • Nov. 18, 1973: the special exactly as it aired on NBC as Magnavox Presents Frank Sinatra (1 hr.)

Frank Sinatra: The Main Event (Oct. 13, 1974: Sinatra and the Woody Herman band perform LIVE on ABC from Madison Square Garden, introduced by Howard Cosell; this is different from the commercially-available copy of the show, as this is the original linecut of the special — during the commercial breaks, we hear Sinatra talking to the live audience; 1 hr.)

The Frank Sinatra Show (musical variety series, 1 hr. each, unless noted)

  • Oct. 21, 1950: second half of third episode of series; the show runs short so Sinatra takes a request from the audience (½ hr.)

  • Dec. 23, 1950: Christmas show with Walter Slezak, Toni Harper

  • Jan. 27, 1951: Phil Silvers, Jack Goode, Ollie Franks

  • Feb. 3, 1951: Jackie Gleason, June Hutton

  • Mar. 24, 1951: Denise Darcel, Basil Rathbone

  • May 5, 1951: Dagmar, Tim Herbert and Don Saxon, Eileen Barton, Joe Bushkin, June Hutton (45 min.)

  • Oct. 18, 1957: premiere of ABC series with Bob Hope, Peggy Lee, Kim Novak (½ hr.)

  • Nov. 29, 1957: Dean Martin (episode #7, with burnt-in time code; ½ hr.)

  • Dec. 13, 1957: “Take Me To Hollywood” filmed drama with Frank, Christine White, Celia Lovsky, Maurice Manson, and Irene Seidner (episode #9; ½ hr.)

  • Dec. 20, 1957: Christmas episode with Bing Crosby in color (episode #10; no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jan. 31, 1958: Sammy Davis Jr. (episode #16, with burnt-in time code; ½ hr.)

  • Mar. 7, 1958: Edie Adams, Stan Freberg (episode #21, with burnt-in time code; ½ hr.)

  • Oct. 19, 1959: "High Hopes" with Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Mitzi Gaynor; cameo by Jimmy Durante (special #1)

  • Dec. 13, 1959: "An Afternoon With Frank Sinatra" with Ella Fitzgerald, Peter Lawford, Hermione Gingold, Juliet Prowse, The Hi-Lo's, Red Norvo (special #2)

  • Feb. 15, 1960: "Here's To the Ladies" with Lena Horne, Mary Costa, Juliet Prowse, Barbara Heller, Eleanor Roosevelt (special #3)

  • May 12, 1960: "It's Nice to Go Traveling" or "Welcome Home Elvis" with Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra; cameo by Peter Lawford (special #4; show was taped Mar. 26, 1960 at the Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida)

*The Frantics Reunion (2005, The Comedy Network special, 1 hr.)

The Fred Astaire Show (Feb. 7, 1968: musical special with guests Simon & Garfunkel, Barrie Chase, The Young-Holt Trio, Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66; some pixilation, contains French subtitles, no commercials; 48 min.)

Fridays (late-night sketch series, episodes taken from the original broadcasts with commercials edited, 45 min.-1 hr. each)

  • Apr. 11, 1980: Kenny Loggins (premiere)

  • May 23, 1980: Devo

  • Dec. 12, 1980: Steve Forbert ("The Ronny Horror Show" sketch only)

  • Jan. 16, 1981: Shelley Winters / The Plasmatics

  • Jan. 23, 1981: Henny Youngman / REO Speedwagon (includes original commercials, 70 min.)

  • Feb. 6, 1981: Valerie Bertinelli / Jim Carroll Band

  • Feb. 13, 1981: Michael McKean & David L. Lander / Kool & The Gang (includes original commercials, 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Feb. 20, 1981: Andy Kaufman / Sir Douglas Quintet (the episode with the brawl between Andy, Michael Richards, and Jack Burns)

  • Feb. 27, 1981: Billy Crystal / Randy Meisner

  • May 15, 1981: George Hamilton / Gary U.S. Bonds

  • Mar. 13, 1981: David Steinberg / Marshal Tucker Band

  • Apr. 3, 1981: Father Guido Sarducci / Jefferson Starship

  • Apr. 10, 1981: Madeline Kahn / Frankie & The Knockouts (incomplete episode)

  • May 8, 1981: Mark Hamill / Jimmy Buffett

  • Sept. 18, 1981: Andy Kaufman / The Pretenders (Andy returns to the show)

  • Sept. 25, 1981: William Shatner / Kim Carnes

  • Oct. 9, 1981: Tony Geary & Genie Francis / Devo

  • Oct. 16, 1981: Karen Allen / The Stray Cats

  • Nov. 20, 1981: Shelley Duvall / Al Jarreau

  • Dec. 11, 1981: Susan Sarandon / The Four Tops

  • Jan. 8, 1982: Valerie Harper / The Cars (with segments featuring past hosts Shelley Duvall, Peter Fonda, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Valerie Bertinelli, and Tony Geary)

  • Jan. 15, 1982: Tab Hunter / KISS

  • Jan. 22, 1982: Howard E. Rollins Jr. / Quarterflash

  • Feb. 12, 1982: Valerie Bertinelli / Bill Champlin (incomplete episode)

  • Feb. 19, 1982: Victoria Principal / Chubby Checker

  • Mar. 5, 1982: Lynn Redgrave / Huey Lewis & The News

  • Mar. 12, 1982: Gregory Hines / Bonnie Raitt

  • Mar. 19, 1982: Marilu Henner / Sister Sledge (incomplete episode)

  • Apr. 23, 1982: prime-time special with Tony Geary, William Shatner, Marilu Henner, Marty Feldman / Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

  • Sketch Compilations: many hours of miscellaneous extras, featuring sketches from other episodes

  • Rock Music Compilation 1: featuring performances from The Beach Boys, Dire Straits, Eddie Money, Huey Lewis & The News, Journey, King Crimson, Ted Nugent, and more (2 hrs.)

  • Rock Music Compilation 2: featuring performances from Heart, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Sister Sledge, Ian Hunter Band, Rockville, Kim Carnes, and more (2 1/2 hrs.)

  • Rock Music Compilation 3: Warren Zevon, Boz Scaggs, Jimmy Buffett, Pat Benetar, Steve Forbert, The Manhattan Transfer, The Cars, and more (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • New Wave Music Compilation: The Clash, Devo, The Plasmatics, The Jam, Graham Parker, The Stray Cats, The Pretenders, The Blasters, and more (2 hrs.)

*Friends of Gilda (Nov. 21, 1993: Tribute to the late Gilda Radner taped at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, featuring clips and performances from her co-stars on Saturday Night Live and in the Toronto companies of Godspell and Second City, including Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, Victor Garber, Paul Shaffer, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Jayne Eastwood, Nancy Dolman, Catherine O'Hara, Don Scardino, and more; 1 1/2 hrs.)

*Front Page Challenge (long-running series hosted by Fred Davis; all 1950s and 1960s-era episodes taped from History Television repeats c. 1997-98; 24 min. each)

  • Jul. 22, 1957: host Wynn Barron with panelists Alex Barris, Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Frank Tumpane; one of the mystery guests is Tyrone Guthrie (episode #5)

  • Sept. 2, 1957: host Alex Barris with panelists Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, Frank Tumpane, and Scott Young, Neil Young's father; mystery guests include puppets Uncle Chichimus and Hollyhock, as well as cinematographer Thomas Craven, who shot the Hindenburg disaster (episode #11)

  • Sept. 16, 1957: "guest host" Fred Davis with panelists Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, Ralph Foster, and guest Ralph Allen; one of the mystery guests is Joseph R. Smallwood, the first Premier of Newfoundland (episode #13)

  • Dec. 31, 1957: panelists are Pierre Berton, Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Drew Pearson

  • Jan. 7, 1958: panelists are Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, and guests Frank Tumpane, Ken Sobel

  • Jan. 28, 1958: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, Pierre Berton, and guest Marguerite Higgins; challengers are Maurice "Rocket" Richard and Eleanor Roosevelt!

  • Feb. 18, 1958: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, Pierre Berton, and guest Bob Considine; challengers are Igor Gouzenko and Don Henshaw (blooper during panel intros!)

  • Mar. 11, 1958: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, Pierre Berton, and guest Scott Young; stories include Princess Margaret's portrait and the deaths of Will Rogers and pilot Wiley Post

  • Jan. 13, 1959: panelists are Pierre Berton, Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Scott Young; mystery guests include Errol Flynn

  • Mar. 29, 1960: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, guest Lister Sinclair, and Pierre Berton; challengers include skiing champion Anne Heggtveit, British ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn, and Finnish architect Viljo Revell

  • May 17, 1960: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, guest Charles Lynch, and Pierre Berton; challengers are former soldier Gilford "Tiny" Seymour and English-born General "Two Gun" Morris Cohen (upgraded copy)

  • Dec. 6, 1960: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, guest Ernest Waengler, and Pierre Berton; challengers are Odette Hallows (the first woman to be awarded the George Cross) and Victor Kugler, who hid Anne Frank and her family (upgraded copy)

  • Dec. 20, 1960: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, and Pierre Berton (no guest panelist); only one challenger tonight: Lester B. Pearson; in the second half of the episode, the panel tell their favourite personal Christmas stories (upgraded copy)

  • Feb. 5. 1961 OR Dec. 5, 1961: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Pierre Berton, with guest panelists Micki Moore and Jack Webster (who would later become a series regular); two of the three stories in this episode deal with the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

  • Apr. 25, 1961: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, guest Barbara Moon, and Pierre Berton; challengers are Lieutenant General Guy G. Symonds and Chicago Blackhawks hockey player Bobby Hull

  • Jun. 6, 1961: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, Pierre Berton, and guest Mary Helen McPhillips; challengers are Mr. and Mrs. James Herrmann with a poltergeist story, and photographer and reporter Carl Mydans

  • Jun. 13, 1961: 5th season finale with panelists Gordon Sinclair, Toby Robins, Pierre Berton, and guest Larry Mann; challengers include Jake LaMotta

  • Sept. 19, 1961: 6th season premiere with panelists Pierre Berton, Gordon Sinclair, and guests Angela Burke, Charles Lynch; one of the mystery guests is Axel Von Dem Bussche, who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1943

  • Nov. 21, 1961: panelists are Pierre Berton, Gordon Sinclair, and guests June Callwood, Hal Kelly; one of the mystery guests is Jack Dempsey

  • Oct. 31, 1961: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Pierre Berton, with guest panelists Micki Moore and Ralph Allan; challengers include Avro Air designer John Frost

  • Jan. 16, 1962: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, guests Marie Torre and Jack Webster, and Pierre Berton; challengers include Roger Maris of the New York Yankees and Harry Bridges

  • May 8, 1962: Gordon Sinclair, Betty Kennedy, Pierre Berton, and guest Lister Sinclair; mystery guests include Sir Edmund Hillary and Jacques Piccard

  • May 22, 1962: panelists are Gordon Sinclair, Betty Kennedy, Pierre Berton, and guest Percy Saltzman; mystery guests are Leroy “Satchel” Paige and famous clown Emmett Kelly

  • Jan. 8, 1963: Gordon Sinclair, Betty Kennedy, Pierre Berton, and guest Jack Webster; world heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston appears as a mystery guest (½ hr.)

  • Jan. 22, 1963: panelists are Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Lister Sinclair; mystery guests are stripper Virginia Lee Wanick and Vanessa Redgrave (ending cut off)

  • Sept. 24, 1963: panelists Gordon Sinclair, Betty Kennedy, Pierre Berton, and guest Charles Templeton; Fred asks the panel about their summer vacations; one of the mystery guests is the National Director of CORE (Congress on Racial Equality), James Farmer. (½ hr.)

  • Nov. 5, 1963: panelists are Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Allan Manings; mystery guests are Upton Sinclair and Gordie Howe

  • Dec. 1, 1964: panelists are Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Paul Fox; one of the mystery guests is Dick Gregory

  • Jan. 5, 1965: panelists are Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Gordon Sinclair, and guest Charles Templeton; one of the mystery guests is Malcolm X

  • Mar. 12, 1992: panelists are Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Allan Fotheringham, and guest Jack Webster; mystery guests include the publisher of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Leslie Nielsen; clip is shown from 1974 with Buzz Aldrin (1/2 hr.)

The Garry Moore Show (long-running variety series that gave Carol Burnett her first major national sketch comedy exposure on TV as one of its cast members; 1 hr. each)

  • Oct. 25, 1960: Tony Randall, Patti Page

  • Jan. 17, 1961: Jo Stafford, Dick Van Dyke

  • May 2, 1961: Julie Andrews, Arthur Treacher, Allen Case (this is the very first known teaming of Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett, who would later appear in three of their own TV specials; see separate listings below under “Julie and Carol…”; first ½ hr. only)

  • Sept. 26, 1961: 4th season premiere with Julie Andrews and Alan King

  • Oct. 10, 1961: Frank Fontaine, Tony Martin

  • May 1, 1962: Julie Andrews, Roy Castle

  • May 29, 1962: Barbra Streisand, Robert Goulet, Allen & Rossi

Gene Kelly: An American in Pasadena (Mar. 14, 1978: guest are Frank Sinatra, Gloria De Haven, Kathryn Grayson, Betty Garrett, Cyd Charisse, Lucille Ball, Liza Minnelli, Janet Leigh; Cindy Williams; from Ambassador College, Pasadena, California; 1 hr.)

The Gene Kelly Show (Nov. 21, 1959: special with Carol Lawrence, Donald O'Connor; IN COLOR, no commercials, 52 min.)

General Electric Theater

  • Apr. 8, 1956: Judy Garland performs in a concert special, with pianist Joe Bushkin and dancer Peter Gennaro; Ronald Reagan hosts and Bill Goodwin does the "Live Better Electrically" commercials (½ hr.)

  • Jan. 15, 1961: "The Gershwin Years" directed by Norman Campbell, hosted by Richard Rodgers, with Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier, Florence Henderson, Julie London, Alvin Ailey; 1 ½ hrs.)

General Foods 25th Anniversary Show: A Salute to Rodgers & Hammerstein (Mar. 28, 1954: Jan Clayton and John Raitt in "Carousel," Ezio Pinza and Mary Martin in "South Pacific," "Florence Henderson and Gordon MacRae in "Oklahoma!," Yul Brynner and Patricia Morison in "The King and I," with Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Ed Sullivan, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Rosemary Clooney, Tony Martin; 1 1/2 hrs.)

*General Motors Presents (Apr. 26, 1955: "Billy Budd" starring Basil Rathbone, William Shatner, Douglas Campbell, Patrick MacNee; 1 hr.)

George Burns Comedy Week (Dec. 11, 1985: "Christmas Carol II - The Sequel," 12th and second-last episode of short-lived anthology series hosted by George Burns and executive produced by Steve Martin and Carl Gottlieb; average quality; ½ hr.)

The George Burns Show (sitcom sequel to The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show; ½ hr. each)

  • Oct. 21, 1958: "George Becomes a Producer"/"George and the Private Eye" with guests Jack Benny and Bob Cummings (episode #1; series premiere; no commercials)

  • Mar. 31, 1959: "Breaking Up the Team" (episode #23)

  • Apr. 14, 1959: "George Invests in a Record Company" (episode #25; series finale; no commercials)

The George Burns Show (Jun. 7, 1960: musical comedy special with guests Betty Grable, Bobby Darin, Polly Bergen, Jack Benny, IN COLOR; 1 hr.)

The George Jessel Show (Oct. 18, 1953: excerpts from an episode of Georgie’s short-lived ABC variety series, with guest Teresa Brewer; 20 min.)

George Jessel's Show Business (1958: compilation made from Georgie’s 1958 syndicated TV series from NTA; 2 hrs.)

George M! (Sept. 12, 1970: NBC special, based on the Broadway musical and starring Joel Grey, presented as part of the Bell System Family Theatre; pristine quality; 1 ½ hrs.)

Gloria (rare spin-off of All in the Family starring Sally Struthers; ½ hr. each)

  • Sept. 26, 1982: "Gloria, the First Day" (episode #1; no commercials, recorded from TV Land repeat)

  • Dec. 19, 1982: "Miracle at Fox Ridge" (episode #11)

The Goldbergs (1950: "Molly," film version of long-running radio and early TV sitcom; 82 min.)

Good Times (Feb. 2, 1955: Max Liebman-produced "spectacular" starring Steve Allen, Judy Holliday, Dick Shawn, Rod Alexander, Bambi Linn, and The Ritz Brothers; 1 ½ hrs.)

Great Performances (long-running PBS arts series)

  • Mar. 9, 1990: Julie Andrews in Concert, recorded at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles (75 min.)

  • Oct. 20, 1999: "Crazy For You" from the Papermill Playhouse, with Jim Walton, Stacey Logan, Jane Connell (2 1/2 hrs.)

  • Apr. 26, 2006: "South Pacific" in concert with Reba McIntyre, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Alec Baldwin, Lilias White (2 hrs.)

  • Feb. 20, 2008: "Company" with Raul Esparza and the 2007 Broadway revival cast (3 hrs.)

  • Mar. 25, 2009: "King Lear" with Ian McKellen (3 hrs.)

  • May 29, 2009: "In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams" (1 hr.)

  • Jan. 1, 2013: "Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy" (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Oct. 24, 2014: "Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek" (1 hr.)

*Grumps (comedy talk show with host Hart Pomerantz, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Dec. 9, 1997: Mark Breslin, Marie Rickard, Murray McLauchlan, Ernie Coombs (Mr. Dressup)

  • Jan. 15, 1998: Steve Brinder, Sue Morales, Taborah Johnson, Mark Breslin

*Guess What (host: Robin Ward, 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1985: general episode

  • 1987: champions go for their 7th win (introduction missing, no commercials)

Guiding Light (Sept. 18, 2009: final episode after 72 years; 1 hr.)

*Guy Lombardo New Year's Eve Party At The Waldorf Astoria (Dec. 31, 1972: Spend New Year's Eve with Guy on CBS and CBC, with guests Jean Shepherd, Gloria Loring, and Doug Crosley ringing in 1973; AUDIO ONLY, 1 hr.)

Hairspray Live! (Dec. 7, 2016: TV movie based on Broadway musical, NBC's 4th consecutive live TV musical; 3 hrs.)

Hallmark Hall of Fame

  • Oct. 24, 1960: “Shangri-La” based on Lost Horizon with music by Harry Warren and book & lyrics by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee, with Richard Basehart, Claude Rains, Marisa Pavan, Gene Nelson, Alice Ghostley, and Helen Gallagher (no commercials; 1 ½ hrs.)

  • Oct. 18, 1964: "The Fantasticks" with Ricardo Montalban, Bert Lahr, Stanley Holloway, John Davidson, Susan Watson (1 hr.)

  • Mar. 21, 1972: "Harvey" with James Stewart, Helen Hayes, Madeleine Kahn (no commercials, 1 hr. 17 min.)

  • Dec. 12, 1976: “Peter Pan” with Mia Farrow as Peter Pan, Danny Kaye as Captain Hook, Sir John Gielgud narrating, and featuring the voice of Julie Andrews over the opening credits; featuring 14 new and now forgotten songs, written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse; for the original TV version of Peter Pan, see below (no commercials; 1 hr. 40 min.)

The Halls of Ivy (May 17, 1955: sitcom starring Ronald and Benita Colman; “The Old Professor Forgot His Umbrella” with Mary Wickes, Herb Butterfield, Ray Collins, and Francis Pierlot; no commercials; 26 min.)

Hansel and Gretel (Apr. 27, 1958: original NBC-TV musical with score by Alec Wilder, and starring Red Buttons, Barbara Cook, Rise Stevens, Rudy Vallee, Stubby Kaye, Hans Conried, and Paula Laurence; 1 hr.)

Harry (Mar. 4, 1987: sitcom pilot starring Alan Arkin and Richard Lewis; ½ hr.)

*He Knows, She Knows (1974: game show pilot with host Mike Darrow, similar to The Newlywed Game; no commercials, 1/2 hr.)

*Headline Hunters (May/Jun. 1981: game show hosted by Jim Perry, with guest Toller Cranston; 1/2 hr.)

Hello, Dolly! 'Round the World (Feb. 7, 1966; NBC News special with Mary Martin shot in London, southeast Asia; no commercials, 50 min.)

Henry Fonda and "The Family" (Feb. 6, 1962 [recorded Dec. 19, 1961]: CBS comedy special about the "typical American family" written, produced, and directed by Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear; with Henry Fonda, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Lynde, Cara Williams, Carol Lynley, Dan Blocker, Kathryn Grant, Michael J. Pollard, and Verna Felton; from a B&W master videotape, with slate, announcer's V/O appears to have not yet been recorded; no commercials, 1 hr.)

Here's Edie / The Edie Adams Show (starring Edie Adams, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Apr. 9, 1962: pilot with Dick Shawn and André Previm

  • Oct. 23, 1962: "Chapter II: New York" with Peter Falk, The Claremont String Quartet, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra

High Low (Aug. 8, 1957: game show hosted by Jack Barry, with Burl Ives, Arlene Dahl, and John Van Doren; with time-code burn in; episode #6, 1/2 hr.)

High Rollers (Jun. 20, 1980: final episode of Alex Trebek-hosted game show, contestants are Richard vs. Betty; ½ hr.)

*The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (starring the incedibly versatile Billy Van, no commercials, 50 min. each)

  • c. 1971: "Keep the Ball Rolling"

  • c. 1971: "Hey Jude"

Holiday Lodge (Jul. 16, 1961: "Never Hit a Stranger," summer sitcom starring Wayne and Shuster, episode #4; poor quality, no commercials, 1/2 hr.)

The Hollywood Palace (1 hr. each)

  • Mar. 14, 1964: Groucho Marx hosts, with Jose Greco, Morey Amsterdam & Rose Marie, Bertha the Elephant, Jennie Smith, and more; one sketch features Groucho playing Dr. Hackenbush; featuring a young, unknown Raquel Welch

  • Apr. 17, 1965; Groucho Marx hosts, with Margaret Dumont, Gordon & Sheila MacRae, Melinda Marx, Shecky Greene, Miriam Makeba, The Four Kents, and more; includes a recreation of the “Hooray for Captain Spaulding” scene from the film Animal Crackers with Margaret Dumont, who died shortly after this episode was taped (some commercials, including one with Edie Adams and Stan Getz; 55 min.)

  • Oct. 16, 1965: Frank Sinatra hosts, with the Count Basie Orchestra featuring Quincy Jones, Jack E. Leonard, The Kessler Sisters, Peter Gennaro, and the Amazing Munilo

  • Nov. 13, 1965 (from Sept. 3, 1966 repeat): Judy Garland hosts, with Vic Damone, Chita Rivera, Gene Baylos, Burns and Schreiber

  • May 7, 1966: Judy Garland hosts, with Van Johnson, Jack Carter, Johnny Rivers; includes RARE rehearsal footage

  • Jan. 21, 1967: host Donald O’Connor with guests Sid Caesar, Shari Lewis, Don Ho, Marilyn Maye, Ted Lewis, and Bob Melvin

Hollywood's Talking (Mar. 26, 1973: premiere with host Geoff Edwards, no commercials, 1/2 hr.)

The Honeymooners (Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Feb. 25, 1956: "Here Comes the Bride" (episode #22)

  • Mar. 10, 1956: "Please Leave the Premises" (episode #24)

  • Apr. 14, 1956: "Trapped" (episode #29)

  • Apr. 28, 1956: "On Stage" (episode #31)

  • Sept. 15, 1956: "Dial J For Janitor" (episode #38)

*Hot Toxic Love: The Making of The Toxic Avenger Musical (Mar. 7, 2010: documentary shot during the creation and run of the Toronto production; 1 hr.)

House Calls (Mar. 9, 1981: "The Magnificent Weatherbys," 29th episode of sitcom starring Wayne Rogers and Lynn Redgrave; poor quality, no commercials; 24 min.)

I Do! I Do! (1982: TV adaptation of Harvey Schmidt-Tom Jones Broadway musical, with Lee Remick and Hal Linden, 2 hrs.)

I Love Liberty (Mar. 21, 1982: Norman Lear-produced special starring, in alphabetical order, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Patty Duke Astin, Christopher Atkins, Bill Blaber and the Pasadena Boys Choir, Arthur Burghardt, LeVar Burton, Jane Fonda, Anthony Geary, Senator Barry Goldwater, Valerie Harper, Gregory Hines, Judd Hirsch, Michael Horse, Geri Jewell, Burt Lancaster, Michele Lee, Hal Linden, Kristy McNichol, Melissa Manchester, Walter Matthau, Mary Tyler Moore, The Muppets and Big Bird, Helen Reddy, Christopher Reeve, Reverend James Cleveland Choir, Kenny Rogers, Martin Sheen, Madge Sinclair, Rod Steiger, Barbra Streisand, Dick van Patten, Dionne Warwick, Robin Williams, and the U.S. Air Force Band in Europe; no commercials; 1 hr. 40 min.)

I Love Lucy (1/2 hr. each)

  • Oct. 15, 1951: "The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub" (episode #2; series premiere)

  • Oct. 22, 1951: "Be a Pal" (episode #3)

  • Oct. 29, 1951: "The Diet" (episode #4, repeat from approx. Feb. 1953 with new introduction)

  • Nov. 5, 1951: "Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her" (episode #1)

  • Nov. 12, 1951: "The Quiz Show" (episode #5, repeat from approx. Feb. 1953 with new introduction)

  • Mar. 31, 1952: "Pioneer Women" (episode #25)

  • May 5, 1952: "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" (episode #30; "Vitameatavegamin" episode)

  • Sept. 15, 1952: "Job Switching" (episode #39, 2nd season premiere; the famous episode where Lucy and Ethel work in a chocolate factory)

  • Sept. 29, 1952: "The Anniversary Present" (episode #36)

  • Nov. 24, 1952: "Redecorating" (episode #43; no commercials)

  • Jan. 3, 1955: "Lucy Learns to Drive" (episode #109)

  • May 9, 1955: "Lucy and Harpo Marx" (episode #124)

  • Oct. 1, 1956: "Lucy and Bob Hope" (episode #154)

  • Jan. 14, 1957: "Lucy and Superman" (episode #166; some tracking issues)

  • Mar. 11, 1957: "Lucy Does the Tango," featuring the series' longest laugh (episode #172, repeat from 1960 "Lucy in Connecticut" series)

  • Nov. 6, 1957: The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show - "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana" (episode #1, 75 min.)

  • Apr. 1, 1960: final episode of The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show - "Lucy Meets the Moustache" (episode #13, 1 hr.)

I'm a Big Girl Now (Feb. 6, 1981: "Shrinking," 12th episode of rare sitcom created by Susan Harris and starring Danny Thomas and a young Martin Short; blurry quality; 24 min.)

*I Saw That (1970s: rare episode of CHCH game show; missing last 2 minutes; ½ hr.)

I've Got a Secret (host: Garry Moore, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Feb. 8, 1956: Lucille Ball fills in for Faye Emerson on the panel, guest is Desi Arnaz

  • Jul. 3, 1957: Buster Keaton; panel is Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, and Faye Emerson; game 2 contestant is TV inventor Philo Farnsworth!

  • Jan. 27, 1960: Jack E. Leonard

  • Mar. 9, 1960: Lloyd Bridges

  • Jan. 23, 1967: Pearl Bailey (host is Steve Allen; show is compete but commercials from final commercial break aren’t included)

  • 1975: Rodney Dangerfield; pilot for short-lived revival of the series; panel is Elaine Joyce, Richard Dawson, Pat Collins, and Henry Morgan

Information, Please (film shorts featuring the stars of the radio quiz show of the same name with host Clifton Fadiman; 10 min. each)

  • 1940: panelists John Kieran, Franklin P. Adams, Oscar Levant, and guest panelist Alice Marple

  • 1940?: panelists Franklin P. Adams, Oscar Levant, John Kieran, and Deems Taylor

Inside the Actors' Studio (Jun. 7, 1995: host James Lipton interviews Stephen Sondheim, with Liz Callaway, Jim Walton, and Paul Ford; 1 hr.)

It Could Be You (host: Bill Leyden, announcer: Wendell Niles; ½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 19, 1957: guest is Buster Keaton (some commercials)

  • 1958: a particularly heartwarming and teary episode of the NBC primetime summer series; contestants include a couple with two sets of twins, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and a World War II captain is reunited with his crew

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman (Feb. 1, 1975: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with David Wilson, Lesley Ann Warren, Loretta Swit, David Wayne, Allen Ludden, and Kenneth Mars; 1 1/2 hrs.)

It's Your Bet (Dec. 1969: game show hosted by Hal March, with Jan Murray & Toni Murray and Michael Callan & Patricia Harty; 1/2 hr.)

*It's Your Move (charades game show hosted by Paul Hanover; both episodes taped from 1986 Citytv repeats; ½ hr. each)

  • 1978: contestants are George/Judy vs. Joseph/Nancy

  • 1978: Barbara/Pierre vs. Dennis/Elaine (snowy picture)

The Jack Benny Program (1/2 hr. each)

  • Oct. 28, 1950: premiere with Dinah Shore (45 min.)

  • Mar. 9, 1952: guests: George Burns and Gracie Allen - LOST LIVE EPISODE - AUDIO ONLY - script was used again with some variations for a filmed episode on Apr. 11, 1954

  • Nov. 20, 1955: guest Johnny Carson

  • Nov. 5, 1963: guests Ed Sullivan and Monique LeMaire (no commercials; from VHS source; 25 min.)

  • Jan. 7, 1964: "How Jack Met George Burns" with George Burns and the voice of Gracie Allen (no commercials; from VHS source; 25 min.)

  • many more still to catalogue...

The Jackie Gleason Show (1 hr. each)

  • Feb. 21, 1953: guest Toni Arden; sketches include The Honeymooners ("Anniversary Gift"), the Poor Soul, Reginald van Gleason III (with some commercials)

  • Feb. 19, 1955: features the full-length Honeymooners sketch "Hero"

  • Apr. 2, 1955: features the full-length Honeymooners sketch "Stars Over Flatbush"

  • Jan. 12, 1957: Eddie Cantor celebrates his 65th birthday, with appearances from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Eddie Fisher, George Jessel, Burt Lancaster, Pinky Lee, Edward R. Murrow, Connie Russell; Jackie Gleason does not appear on this episode

  • Feb. 23, 1957: features the full-length musical Honeymooners sketch "When in Rome"

  • Jun. 8, 1957: guest host Johnnie Ray with guest Peggy Lee

  • Oct. 9, 1960: "The Big Sell Revue," a Jackie Gleason special spoofing advertising with Phil Harris, The Rocky Fellers; characters that appear include Joe the Bartender, Reginald Van Gleason III, and Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton

  • Sept. 29, 1962: premiere of The Jackie Gleason American Scene Magazine with Art Carney, Frank Fontaine, Sue Ane Langdon, and guest Wayne Newton (in his network TV debut); sketches include Reginald Van Gleason, Joe the Bartender with Crazy Guggenheim, and The Honeymooners ("Two Below") (no commercials)

  • Oct. 20, 1962: guest Tony Bennett; sketches including The Honeymooners ("TV Game of the Week")

  • Nov. 3, 1962: sketches include guests Smith and Dale in their famous Doctor Kronkheit routine, Jackie as a tourist, and Joe the Bartender; half-hour syndicated version from 1979 (no commercials; 22 min.)

  • Nov. 10, 1962: sketches include Reggie as a ventriloquist, The Poor Soul at a pay phone, Rum Dum in a lunch room, and Joe the Bartender; half-hour syndicated version from 1979 (no commercials; 22 min.)

  • Feb. 20, 1965: Phyllis Diller; sketches include Reginald Van Gleason III and Joe the Bartender (with time-code burn-in)

  • Nov. 26, 1966: Salute to the Big Bands, with Duke Ellington, Les and Larry Elgart, Freddy Martin, Sammy Kaye, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Guy Lombardo, Count Basie (no commercials)

  • Apr. 15, 1967: features the full-length Honeymooners sketch "Flushing Ho" (some commercials, 55 min.)

  • Oct. 14, 1967: Groucho Marx, Johnny Mathis, Joel Gray, Louis Nye, Jane Morgan

  • Oct. 28, 1967: Vikki Carr, Milton Berle, Frank Gorshin, and Sammy Kaye (4:3 picture stretched to fill 16:9 frame; no commercials; 50 min.)

  • Oct. 4, 1969: Bing Crosby, Maureen OHara, Bert Parks; features the full-length Honeymooners sketch “Ralph Goes Hollywood” (with burnt-in time code; no commercials; end credits missing)

  • Oct. 11, 1973: reunion special with Art Carney, Sheila MacRae, Jane Kean, Gary Merrill, and a cameo from Bert Parks; sketches include The Honeymooners ("Women's Lib") and Reginald Van Gleason III (no commercials, 50 min.)

*Jackpot! (1987: Entire week of episodes taped Nov. 6, 1986; 1/2 hr. each)

Jamie (Apr. 12, 1954: "Bicycle Built for Jamie," live sitcom starring Brandon DeWilde, 1/2 hr.)

Jeopardy! (½ hr. each)

  • 1967: clip from a very early show with host Art Fleming, poor video, 5 min.

  • May 6, 1968: Jean/Bill/returning champion Joan; AUDIO ONLY (as broadcast on WMAQ Chicago)

  • Aug. 1968: 5th game in Dr. Burt Sherman's attempt to become the 48th undefeated series champion; AUDIO ONLY

  • Feb. 21, 1972: 2,000th episode, featuring the three highest-winning champions competing for charity; cameos from Mel Brooks (as The 2,000-Year-Old Man) and NBC executive Clare Simpson

  • Apr. 24, 1974: contestants are Anne/Larry/Norma

  • Jun. 27, 1974: contestants are Karen/Kent/Kim

  • Nov. 23, 1974: nighttime syndicated episode (B&W, closing credits clipped)

  • Jan. 3, 1975: finale of original NBC daytime run with host Art Fleming and announcer Don Pardo

  • Oct. 2, 1978: premiere of first series revival with host Art Fleming

  • Mar. 2, 1979: finale of revival

  • Sept. 10, 1984: premiere of current series revival with Alex Trebek (no commercials)

  • Jun. 16, 1990: premiere of ABC's primetime "Super Jeopardy!" tournament with host Alex Trebek and four contestants playing)

  • Sept. 8, 1990: finale of ABC's primetime "Super Jeopardy!" tournament with host Alex Trebek and $250,000 top prize

  • Nov. 30, 2004: Ken Jennings' 75th and final episode (no commercials)

  • May 23-25, 2005: the Ultimate Tournament of Champions Finals, days 1 to 3; contestants are Jerome Vered, Brad Rutter, and Ken Jennings (no commercials)

Jerks of All Trades (Oct. 12, 1949 [taping date]: ABC comedy pilot starring The Three Stooges [Moe, Larry, and Shemp], never broadcast on TV; featuring Emil Sitka, Symona Boniface, and Joseph Kearns; includes a special introductory interview from show producer Phil Berle [Milton's brother] recorded in 1998; 25 min.)

Jerry Herman's Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl (1994: concert special with Jerry Herman, Bea Arthur, Carol Channing, Michael Feinstein, Davis Gaines, George Hearn, Florence Lacey, Angela Lansbury, Lorna Luft, Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney, Liza Minnelli, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Charlie O'Donnell, Lee Roy Reams, and Leslie Uggams; 2 hrs.)

The Jerry Lewis Show (primetime variety series, live from Hollywood; 2 hrs. each)

  • Sept. 21, 1963: premiere with Robert Stack, Jimmy Durante, Steve Allen, Mort Sahl, Kaye Stevens, Jack Jones, and Harry James

  • Dec. 7, 1963: episode 11 with Sam Cooke, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Patrice Munsel, Senor Wences (no commercials)

The Joan Rivers Show (Sept. 20, 1991: an episode of Joan’s daytime talk show; this episode: “A Tribute To Broadway And Its Music Makers” with Betty Comden and Adolph Green, Cy Coleman, Barbara Cook, and Barry Manilow; no commercials; 45 min.)

Joanie Loves Chachi (Oct. 21 1982: "One-on-One," 7th episode of Happy Days spin-off; poor quality; ½ hr.)

The Joey Bishop Show (Feb. 3, 1968: LIVE from Hollywood; an amazing episode with Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Regis Philbin announcing, and featuring cameos from Joey and Sammy's relatives, including Sammy Davis Sr.; 1 hr. excerpt [missing last half-hour])

John Denver and Friend (Mar. 29, 1976: TV special with “friend” Frank Sinatra, plus Harry James and Count Basie; missing opening and closing credits, as well as commercials; 50 min.)

*The Joke's On Us (comedy game show hosted by Monty Hall; 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1983: Jan Murray, Leslie Nielsen, Jimmie Walker, Marty Allen

  • 1983: Jesse White, Fred Willard, Jackie Kahane, Soupy Sales (from a 1986 Global repeat)

The Johnny Cash Show (Feb. 17, 1971: on campus with Albert Brooks, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young; 20 min. excerpt)

The Judy Garland Show (short-lived CBS variety series; 1 hr. each)

  • Dec. 22, 1963: Christmas special with Jack Jones, Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Joey Luft, Mel Tormé, Tracy Everitt (episode #15; some pixellation

  • Dec. 29, 1963: Bobby Darin, Bob Newhart (episode #14)

  • Also have the entire series, all 26 episodes, in pristine condition but without original commercials (approx. 52 min. each)

Julie (short-lived 1992 sitcom starring Julie Andrews; ½ hr. each)

  • May 30, 1992: Pilot

  • Jun. 6, 1992: “Allie’s Talent”

  • Jun. 20, 1992: “The Ugly Bed”

  • Jun. 27, 1992: The Monkey

Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall (Jun. 11, 1962: first special starring Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett, recorded at Carnegie Hall in New York City; 1 hr.)

Julie and Carol Live at Lincoln Center (1971: second TV special starring Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett; no commercials, 50 min.)

Julie & Carol: Together Again (Dec. 13, 1989: Julie Andrew and Carol Burnett’s third special, recorded at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles; some commercials included; 53 min.)

Julie and Dick in Covent Garden (Apr. 21, 1974: Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke, with Carl Reiner, directed by Blake Edwards; no commercials, 52 min.)

Julie Andrews and Jackie Gleason: How Sweet It Is (May 22, 1974: taped in London, Julie and Jackie perform in a music hall setting, and Jackie appears as "The Poor Soul," "Joe the Bartender," and as Ralph Kramden in a "Honeymooners" sketch with Julie playing Ed Norton; no commercials; 50 min.)

The Julie Andrews Hour (short-lived variety series broadcast by ABC in the US and ITV in the UK, hosted by Julie and joined by series regulars Rich Little and Alice Ghostley; 1 hr. each)

  • Sept. 13, 1972: pilot episode with Julie recreating musical highlights from her film and stage career

  • Sept. 20, 1972: Mama Cass Elliot, Carl Reiner (rough opening, some glitches)

  • Sept. 27, 1972: Jack Cassidy, Ken Berry, Jack Elliott

  • Oct. 4, 1972: Don Rickles

  • Oct. 11, 1972: Robert Goulet (opening clipped, no commercials; 48 min.)

  • Oct. 18, 1972: Steve Lawrence

  • Oct. 25, 1972: Diahann Carroll, Phyllis Diller

  • Nov. 1, 1972: Dan Dailey, Mama Cass Elliot (no opening credits, no commercials; 47 min.)

  • Nov. 8, 1972: Robert Goulet, Joel Grey (no commercials; 50 min.)

  • Nov. 22, 1972: Salute to Disney with Donald O’Connor (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Nov. 29, 1972: Harry Belafonte, Sivuca

  • Dec. 6, 1972: The Smothers Brothers, Jack Cassidy (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Jan. 10, 1973: Keith Mitchell (B&W kinescope copy; no commercials; 52 min.)

  • Jan. 20, 1973: Jim Nabors, Eydie Gorme, and an appearance from the real Maria Von Trapp (light hum on the audio; no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Jan. 27, 1973: Peggy Lee, Robert Goulet (no commercials; 50 min.)

  • Feb. 3, 1973: Sid Caesar, John Davidson (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Feb. 10, 1973: Steve Lawrence, Angela Lansbury, Luiz Bonfa (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Feb. 17, 1973: Sandy Duncan, Sergio Franchi, Jim Henson and The Muppets (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Mar. 3, 1973: Sammy Davis Jr. (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • Mar. 17, 1973: Steve Lawrence, Carol Lawrence (no commercials; 52 min.)

  • Mar. 24, 1973: Donald O’Connor, Harv Presnell (54 min.)

  • Mar. 31, 1973: Henry Mancini (no commercials; 51 min.)

  • 1972-73: a rare blooper reel from the series (21 min.)

The Julie Andrews Show (Nov. 28, 1965: with guests Gene Kelly and the New Christy Minstrels; 1 hr.)

Julie's Christmas Special (Dec. 14, 1973: Julie Andrews special with Peter Ustinov, Peggy Lee, Dougie Squires 2nd Generation, and the Treorchy Male Voice Choir,  no commercials; 50 min.)

Just Men (Apr. 1, 1983: finale of NBC game show, which earned its host, Betty White, an Emmy Award, despite the show only lasting 13 weeks; contestants are Mara vs. Diane; ½ hr.)

Juvenile Jury (host Jack Barry asks a panel of young kids to answer problems sent in by viewers; compete; ½ hr. each)

  • 1951: kids panel is Laura, Charlie, Richard, Susan, Billy; young Susan later became a back-up dancer with The Beatles

  • 1953: kids panel is Lynne-Rose, Richard, Elberta, Joe, and Michelle; a controversial episode where panelist Michelle Fogel claimed that she was told the questions/"problems" the night before, perhaps foreshadowing Jack Barry’s later issues during the quiz show scandals (no commercials; 25 min.)

Kaleidscope (Apr. 25, 1955: Max Liebman presents, live from New York, Judy Holliday, Dick Shawn, Bambi Linn & Rod Alexander, George Irving Bea Arthur, Robert Gallagher, George Kluge, and from Hollywood, special guest Frank Sinatra; 1 ½ hrs.)

The Ken Berry Wow Show (Jul. 15, 1972: rare, premiere episode of five-week ABC summer variety series, featuring Billy Van, Steve Martin, Teri Garr, Cheryl Ladd, and Carl Gottlieb; guests include Don Knotts, Monty Hall, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Patty Duke, John Astin, and Cass Eliott; no commercials, 1 hr.)

*King of Kensington (CBC sitcom; no commercials; 25 min. each)

  • Nov. 30, 1976: “The Friend”

  • Dec. 7, 1976: “Duke’s New Job”

  • Dec. 11, 1977: “The Hero” (guest stars include Henry Beckman and a young John Candy)

  • Dec. 21, 1978: “Christmas Story” (guest stars include Bonnie Brooks)

Kismet (Oct. 24, 1967: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with José Ferrer, Barbara Eden, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Hans Conried, George Chakiris; 1 1/2 hrs.)

Kiss Me, Kate (Nov. 20, 1958: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, with Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Julie Wilson, Bill Hayes, Harvey Lembeck, Jack Klugman; no commercials, 80 min.)

Kraft Music Hall (1 hr. each)

  • Dec. 12, 1962: Christmas show, remote from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with Dorothy Collins, Señor Wences, Jean Carroll; some pixilation in parts, some video dropouts (no commercials)

  • Oct. 4, 1967: "Give My Regards To Broadway" starring Bobby Darin as George M. Cohan, with Liza Minnelli, Kaye Stevens, Max Morath, George Carl, The Four Cohans, and Dennis Day

  • Jan. 21, 1970: Friars Club Roast of Jack Benny with Johnny Carson (host), Spiro Agnew, Milton Berle, George Burns, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Alan King, and Ed Sullivan

Kristin Chenoweth: Coming Home (Nov. 28, 2014: concert special taped in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; 1 1/2 hrs.)

Lady in the Dark (Sept. 25, 1954: TV adaptation of Kurt Weill, Ira Gershwin, Moss Hart musical starring Ann Sothern; 80 min.)

Las Vegas Gambit (Nov. 27, 1981: final episode of Wink Martindale-hosted game show; poor quality; no commercials)

Late Show with David Letterman (1 hr. each)

  • Aug 30, 1993: premiere with Bill Murray and Billy Joel (no commercials)

  • Aug. 31, 1993: second episode with Robin Williams, John Mellencamp, and "geography whiz kid" Jonathan Astrada (no commercials)

  • May 20, 2015: final episode (1 hr. 20 min.)

Laugh-In (1 hr. each)

  • Feb. 5, 1968: with Tiny Tim, Cher, Tim Conway, Flip Wilson, and Goldie Hawn's first appearance (episode #3, no commercials)

  • Mar. 25, 1968: Emmy-winning episode with Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop (episode #9, no commercials)

  • Sept. 16, 1968: second season premiere with Richard Nixon, Hugh Hefner, Bob Hope, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Jack Lemmon (episode #15, no commercials)

  • Sept. 23, 1968: with Eve Arden, John Wayne, and Herb Alpert (episode #16, no commercials)

  • Feb. 3, 1969: with Don Rickles, George Jessel, and Liberace (episode #32, no commercials)

  • Dec. 1, 1969: with Jack Benny, Jill St. John, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Peter Lawford, and Englebert Humperdinck (episode #52, no commercials)

  • Dec. 15, 1969: with Greer Garson and Lorne Greene (episode #54, no commercials)

  • Feb. 2, 1970: with Jack Benny (episode #60, no commercials)

  • Feb. 9, 1970: with Carl Reiner, Greer Garson, Jim Backus, and Andy Williams (episode #61, no commercials)

  • Mar. 2, 1970: with Danny Kaye (episode #64, no commercials)

  • Mar. 9, 1970: with Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Edgar Bergen, and Jill St. John (episode #65, no commercials)

  • Feb. 8, 1971: with Dinah Shore and Truman Capote (episode #87, no commercials)

  • Nov. 2, 1977; rare episode from short-lived revival featuring a young Robin Williams with guests Frank Sinatra, Cindy Williams, and James Garner

Legally Blonde (Oct. 15, 2007: cable TV broadcast of Broadway musical starring Laura Bell Bundy; no commercials, 2 hrs. 10 min.)

Legends of Laughter (1987: public television profiles of comedy stars hosted by Dick Cavett, with a salute to Jack Benny; 1/2 hr.)

Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth (1998: HBO documentary by Robert B. Weide, narrated by Robert De Niro; 1 ½ hrs.)

*Let's Make a Deal (c. 1980: host Monty Hall in a Canadian version of the long-running US game show, from a Sept. 26, 1986 repeat; 1/2 hr.)

Letters to Laugh-In (Sept. 1969: Gary Owens hosts a daytime game show based on the popular comedy series, with Jo Anne Worley, Dan Rowan, Angie Dickinson, Jack E. Leonard; 1/2 hr.)

*Liar's Club (1988: first episode of "The New Liar's Club," Canadian game show syndicated in the U.S., with host Eric Boardman; this copy comes from the WNBC broadcast; 1/2 hr.)

*Life and Times (Oct. 1, 2002?: hour-long CBC documentary series; this episode, "The Boys," is a terrific look at the classic comedy team of Wayne & Shuster; 45 min.)

Life With Elizabeth (early Betty White filmed sitcom; no commercials; ½ hr. each)

  • Oct. 28, 1953: "Photography Sketch/The Honeymoon's Over/Eye, Ear, Face Sketch" (episode #4)

  • Nov. 25, 1953: "Nursery Rhymes/Business Trip/Spiders" (episode #8)

Life With Lucy (1986: all 13 episodes of the short-lived ABC sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon; no commercials; some pixellation' 24 min. each)

*Line 'Em Up (1963: rare episode of early CTV game show with host Rick Campbell; ½ hr.)

Live from Lincoln Center

  • Sept. 23, 1981: An Evening with Danny Kaye (1 hr. 50 min.)

  • Nov. 7, 1990: “A Little Night Music” by Stephen Sondheim (3 hrs.)

  • Sept. 1, 2002: "Contact," recorded on closing night (2 hrs.)

  • Apr. 3, 2005 (repeat): "Passion" with Patti LuPone, Michael Ceveris, Audra McDonald; host: Lesley Stahl, with Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine (2 hrs.)

  • May 31, 2006 (repeat): 30 Years of Live from Lincoln Center (2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 15, 2006: "The Light in the Piazza" (2 1/2 hrs.)

  • Oct. 12, 2006: Audra McDonald in concert (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Dec. 31, 2006: Audra McDonald Sings the Movies (2 hrs.)

  • May 8, 2008: "Camelot" with Gabriel Bryne, Marin Mazzie (2 1/2 hrs.)

  • Aug. 18, 2010: "South Pacific" with Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Danny Burstein, Andrew Samonsky (3 hrs.)

  • Dec. 31, 2012: "Marvin Hamlisch: One Singular Sensation" (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Feb. 17, 2013: "Ring Them Bells! A Kander & Ebb Celebration" (1 hr.)

  • Apr. 26, 2013: "Carousel" with Kelli O'Hara and Nathan Gunn (2 1/2 hrs.)

  • Sept. 28, 2014: "Sweeney Todd" with Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson (2 1/2 hrs.)

Look Up and Live (1958: local WCBS NYC series on religion; this episode is about the Broadway musical West Side Story and features Jerome Robbins and original cast members Mickey Called, Larry Kert, and Carol Lawrence; last 8 minutes missing; 22 min.)

*Look Who's Here (Aug. 24, 1976: Bill Lawrence interviews Gisele MacKenzie; taped from a Mar. 1998 cable TV repeat; 1/2 hr.)

*Love Handles (1996: host Stu Jeffries, Sarah & Chris vs. John & Anne vs. Marg & Michelle; 1/2 hr.)

The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour (Apr. 19, 1964: adaptation of Sherwood Schwartz's play "Mr. and Mrs." with Bob Hope and Gale Gordon, produced by Jess Oppenheimer, his first collaboration with Lucille Ball since leaving I Love Lucy in 1956; IN COLOR, from a VHS source; 1 hr.)

The Lucy Show (Oct. 16, 1967: "Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account," 1/2 hr.)

*The Mad Dash (no commercials, 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1979: Guy and Nicole vs. Maryanne and Richard

  • 1979: Peter and Connie vs. Mike and Iona

  • 1980: rare clip reel promoting the upcoming third season (4 min.)

  • Sept. 26, 1980: Charna and Norman vs. Maurice and Joan (with time-code burn-in)

  • Mar. 20, 1981: Pina and Piero vs. Salvatore and Rita

  • Dec. 23, 1981: John and Joanne vs. Vince and Augusta

  • 1999: Polish version (Duety Do Mety, episode #42)

Magic Clown (children’s series with Zovello the Magic Clown; 15 min. each)

  • 1951: first trick involves an egg and a fan

  • Nov. 1952: featuring an integrated audience, a rarity for the time

Make Me Laugh (Jun. 13, 1958: host Robert Q. Lewis; series finale with guests Louis Nye, Orson Bean, Joey Carter, and a cameo from Ernie Kovacs; slightly out of sync, ½ hr.)

Make the Connection (Aug. 18, 1955: game show hosted by Gene Rayburn, with guest Buster Keaton; 1/2 hr.)

The Many Worlds of Jackie Gleason (Jan. 4, 1964: special celebrating Jackie's 35th anniversary in show business, hosted by Art Carney, featuring clips from Gleason interviews, sketches, and dramatic performances; no commercials, 50 min.)

*The Marriage Counsellor (Aug. 11, 1994: dramatized daytime serial; 1/2 hr.)

The Martha Raye Show (Jan. 23, 1954: guests Edward G. Robinson, Cesar Romero, and Rocky Graziano; Don Pardo announces; last half-hour missing; no commercials; 52 min.)

Martin & Lewis at the Copacabana (Feb. 1954: excerpt of Dean and Jerry’s live nightclub act; ½ hr.)

The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell (Mar. 1982: PBS documentary narrated by Gene Kelly; 95 min.)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (½ hr. each)

  • Nov. 13, 1971: “And Now, Sitting in for Ted Baxter” (episode #33; from 16mm print with some commercials)

  • Nov. 9, 1974: “Not a Christmas Story” (episode #105; from a 1977 syndicated repeat on KIRO; no closing credits)

  • Dec. 14, 1974: "A Girl Like Mary" (episode #110)

  • Mar. 19, 1977: "The Last Show" (episode #168; finale with original cast goodbyes in the closing credits; no commercials)

Masquerade Party (guess which celebrities are elaborately disguised in this game show; ½ hr. each)

  • 1957: host Eddie Bracken and panelists Frank Parker, Betsy Palmer, Johnny Johnson, and Ilka Chase; masqueraders on this episode are Billy Eckstine, Diana Barrymore, and Jack Carter; there’s a blooper at the very beginning when the record of the opening theme skips

  • Jul. 10, 1974 (VTR date): host Richard Dawson and panelists Bill Bixby, Lee Meriwether, and Nipsey Russell appear in this revival produced by Stefan Jatos and Monty Hall; masqueraders are Allen Ludden, Andy Devine, Jack LaLanne, and June Lockhart

Match Game (host: Gene Rayburn, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Dec. 5, 1962: pilot with guests Peggy Cass and Peter Lind Hayes

  • 1964: special all-star episode, with Bennett Cerf/Henry Morgan/Robert Q. Lewis vs. Betty White/Joan Fontaine/Peggy Cass (poor quality, no commercials, watermarked video; 25 min.)

  • Sept. 10, 1965: all-star episode featuring players from the NY Yankees and NY Mets: Roger Maris, Joe Garagiola, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Joe Pepitone, and Tom Tresh (AUDIO ONLY, no commercials, 20 min.)

  • May 1978: episode #115 with contestants Bob vs. Becky; Nipsey Russell, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ethel Merman, Richard Dawson, Fannie Flagg

  • Mar. 16, 1979: two versions of the same episode, one as broadcast, the other includes audio track of director Marc Breslow calling the show (no commercials)

*Max Glick (all 13 episodes from the second season of the CBC series based on the Morley Torgov novel and film; some with original commercials; ½ hr. each)

The Me Nobody Knows (May 18, 1980: TV adaptation of Broadway musical, hosted by James Earl Jones; 80 min.)

Meet Me in St. Louis (Apr. 26, 1959: TV adaptation of movie musical, with Jane Powell, Tab Hunter, Jeanne Crain, Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon, Ed Wynn; 2 hrs.)

*Michael Burgess at Massey Hall (Mar. 28, 1993: concert special with the star of the Toronto production of Les Miserables, 1 hr.)

The Mike Douglas Show (Dec. 7, 1977: co-host is Marvin Hamlish, with Hermione Gingold, Georgia Brown, Larry Kert, and Nancy Dussault from the cast of Side By Side By Sondheim; no commercials, 1/2 hr. excerpt)

The Million Dollar Incident (Apr. 21, 1961: comedy-drama special with Jackie Gleason, Everett Sloane, Jack Klugman, Peter Falk, William Redfield, Harvey Lembeck; cameos from Ed Sullivan and George Jessel; directed by Norman Jewison; 1 ½ hrs.)

The Milton Berle Show (1 hr. each)

  • May 29, 1951: guests Danny Thomas, Fran Warren, 15-year-old violinist Michael Rabin

  • Jan. 13, 1953: guests Ronald Reagan, Dolores Gray, Jimmy Nelson, and a young Harvey Korman in a bit part

  • Jan. 20, 1953: guests Gertrude Berg, Arlene McQuade, and The Andrews Sisters

  • Sept. 23, 1953: season premiere with guests Frank Sinatra, Tallulah Bankhead, Gale Storm, and Vic Damone

  • Oct. 13, 1953: guests Vic Damone, Jackie Cooper, Dagmar, and Denise Darcel

  • Dec. 8, 1953: guests Peter Lawford, Carol Channing, and Maria Riva

  • Mar. 1956: from Nellis Air Force Base with guests Zsa Zsa Gabor, Denise Darcel, and the Four Step Brothers

  • Sept. 23, 1966: guests Martha Raye, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Lloyd Thaxton, and Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs; episode #3, no commercials

*Missing Treasures (host: Al Waxman, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Mar. 19, 1992: Episode #2

  • Apr. 21, 1992: Episode #5

Mr. Novak (no commercials; 50 min. each)

  • Oct. 8, 1963: "I Don't Even Live Here" with guests Herschel Bernard and Diane Ladd (episode #3)

  • Mar. 2, 1965: "May Day, May Day...," directed by Ida Lupino (episode #52; only 60 episodes were made over 2 seasons)

Monopoly (ABC prime-time game show, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Jun. 16, 1990: premiere (no commercials)

  • Sept. 1, 1990: finale

The Morecambe & Wise Show (1980s: Christmas special recorded on WGN Chicago; some pixellation; 1 hr.)

Mr. Prince (Jun. 6, 2009: documentary on Broadway producer/director Hal Prince with Carol Burnett, Stephen Sondheim, Joel Grey, Angela Lansbury, Chita Rivera, and Mandy Patinkin; no commercials, 45 min.)

Music Bingo (1958: episode of game show hosted by Johnny Gilbert; ½ hr.)

The Music of Gershwin (May 12, 1956: musical tribute special with Ethel Merman, Alfred Drake, Tony Bennett, Toni Arden, Cab Calloway, Eugene List, Richard Hayman, and more; with time-code burn-in, 1 1/2 hrs.)

Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows (Feb. 21, 2016: with the casts of Friends, Cheers, Frasier, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory, and Mike & Molly; 2 hrs.)

Name That Tune

  • 1959: host George DeWitt presents highlights from past episodes (½ hr.)

  • 1974: rare clip from early episode of 1970s revival with host Tom Kennedy; final act with Golden Medley bonus round and audience game under the credits (10 min.)

  • 1976: another rare clip from the 1970s revival (pixellated; 6 min.)

  • 1980: The $100,000 Name That Tune with Tom Kennedy; contestants are Ken and Sylvia (includes 30-second episode promo - episode #243)

The Name's the Same (Jan. 3, 1955: episode from a fun panel game with host Dennis James, panelists Roger Price, Bess Myerson, Gene Rayburn, and Joan Alexander; challengers include a woman named Jesse James, a farmer from Bachelor, MO, a man named Gary Cooper, and a rare TV appearance from the real Salvador Dali; Gene's final appearance as a panelist; ½ hr.)

The Nat King Cole Show (Nov. 5, 1956: with guests Peggy Lee and Julius LaRosa; 1/2 hr.)

NBC Follies (Sept. 13, 1973: premiere episode of short-lived variety series hosted by Sammy Davis Jr., with guests Diahann Carroll, Jerry Lewis, Mickey Rooney, The Smothers Brothers; no commercials; 53 min.)

NBC Follies of 1965 (Nov. 27, 1964: Steve Lawrence headlines this special with guests Juliet Prowse, Nipsey Russell, Allan Sherman, Jill St. John; no commercials; 50 min.)

NBC 10th Anniversary Special (Apr. 30, 1949: from Studio 3H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, host Ben Grauer and guests Earl Wrightson and Kyle MacDonnell celebrate the first decade of NBC Television, produced by the network's flagship local station in New York, WNBT; includes footage from the very first broadcast at the 1939 World’s Fair; video is a little pixellated and is slightly letterboxed; ½ hr.)

*The Next Line (1991: Canadian game show hosted by Kevin Frank, with Pete Barbutti, Neil Crone, Veena Sud, and Denalda Williams; contestants on this episode are Maxine, Russ, Karen, and Ian; no commercials; 22 min.)

Nichols & May: Take Two (May 22, 1996: public TV documentary about the comedy team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May, with Tom Brokaw, Jack Rollins, Richard Lewis, Arthur Penn, Steve Martin; 1 hr.)

*Night Ride (c. 1986, late-night Global show; 1/2 hr.)

The Night That Panicked America (1975: TV movie dramatizing the Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" broadcast; taped from a cable TV repeat in 1999; 2 hrs.)

*Night Walk (c. 1986, late-night Global show; 1/2 hr.)

No Soap, Radio (three of the five episodes that aired of this crazy, rare sitcom starring Steve Guttenberg and Bill Dana; no commercials; 25 min. each)

  • Apr. 15, 1982: "Pilot" (episode #1), with a cameo from the voice of Sheldon Leonard

  • Apr. 22, 1982: "Carmine the Squealer" (episode #2), with Jerry Stiller and Jack Carter

  • Apr. 29, 1982: "Karen Fools Around" (episode #3)

Of Thee I Sing (Oct. 24, 1972: adaptation of Pulitzer-winning musical with music and lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin; Carroll O'Connor, Cloris Leachman, Michele Lee, Jack Gilford, Jim Backus, David Doyle, Herb Edelman, Jesse White; no commercials, 75 min.)

Okay Mother (1950: early TV game show from Dumont network with host Dennis James; ½ hr.)

On Broadway Tonight (short-lived variety series hosted by Rudy Vallee)

  • Aug. 12, 1964: special guest Robert Horton (no commercials, 50 min.)

  • Feb. 5, 1965: special guest Judy Garland, with the American TV debut of Peter Allen and his brother Christopher as The Allen Brothers (½ hr.)

Once Upon a Mattress (TV adaptation of hit Broadway musical)

  • Jun. 3, 1964: Carol Burnett, Joseph Bova, Jack Gilford, Jane White, Elliot Gould (no commercials, 75 min.)

  • Dec. 12, 1972: Carol Burnett, Jack Gilford, Ken Berry, Bernadette Peters, Jane White, (no commercials, 78 min.)

The $128,000 Question (hosted by Alex Trebek; ½ hr. each)

  • Dec. 1, 1977: first game is Morris and Ruth answering questions on Gilbert & Sullivan (no commercials, 25 min.)

  • Dec. 1977: first game is returning contestant John going for $16,000 on the subject of World War I

The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (1987: Bob & Judith vs. Bobby & Diane playing for $1,000,000; 1/2 hr.)

One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles (May 28, 2014: featuring Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scrorsese, and more; 2 hrs.)

Oscar Hammerstein II: Out of My Dreams (Mar. 6, 2012: documentary hosted by Matthew Morrison; 1 1/2 hrs.)

The Oscar Levant Show (1958: Oscar and June Levant host guest Fred Astaire in one of only two episodes that exist from this series; no commercials; 75 min.)

*Oscar Peterson: Just a Little Special (Nov. 13, 1983: CBC special, 1/2 hr.)

Our Town (various TV adaptations of the classic Thornton Wilder play)

  • Sept. 19, 1955: musical version, aired as the second season premiere of Producer's Showcase, with Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, and songs (including the Emmy-winning "Love and Marriage") by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen (1 ½ hrs.)

  • May 30, 1977: Hal Holbrook, Ned Beatty, Sada Thompson, John Houseman, Glynnis O'Connor, Robby Benson (no commercials; 2 hrs.)

Pacific Overtures (Jun. 9, 1976 [taping date]: Japanese TV broadcast of Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical; 2 1/2 hrs.)

Panama Hattie (Nov. 10, 1954: TV adaptation of Broadway musical with Ethel Merman, Art Carney, Ray Middleton, Jack E. Leonard, Neil Hailton; 1 hr.)

Pantomime Quiz (TV’s original charades show with host Mike Stokey frequently admonishing the players to keep quiet; see also Stump the Stars below; ½ hr. each)

  • Jun. 23, 1950: national premiere on CBS (following a 3-year local run on KTLA) with Adele Jergens, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Marilyn Maxwell, Ella Raines, Frank DeVol, Howard Da Silva, Walter Brennan

  • 1951: Adele Jergens, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, Jean Wallace, Frank DeVol, Dorothy Patton, and Greg McClure (no commercials, 25 min.)

  • 1954?: Adele Jergens, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, and (filling in for Hans Conreid) Fritz Feld vs. Gale Storm, Bruce Bennett, Peggy Dow, Jack Smith; this episode is on film, not live, and the audio sweetening (the laugh track and audience applause) is particularly bad and obnoxious (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Early 1955: Elaine Stritch (!), Richard Egan, Phyllis Kirk, Jerry Lester, Dorothy Hart, Lori Nelson, Hans Conried, Peter Donald (ABC used this run of the series to replace a short-lived game show, What’s Going On)

*Parade (Jul. 9, 1959: "Dance Parade" starring Sammy Davis Jr., 1/2 hr.)

*Party Game (host: Bill Walker, with Billy Van, Jack Duffy, and Dinah Christie, 1/2 hr. each)

  • c. 1975: Henry Beckman, Linda Sorenson, Stephen Young (Tues episode)

  • 1980: Liz Torres, Gloria Loring, Alan Thicke (Mon and the first half of the Tues episode: season 10, show 121 and 122, with time-code burn-in)

  • c. 1980: Michelle Finney, Kerrie Keane, Scott Walker (Wed and Thurs episodes)

  • c. 1980: Barbara Barsky, Jeannie Elias, Gerry Salsberg (Mon and Tues episodes)

Pass the Line (1954: a KTLA game show pilot hosted by Cliff Saber and featuring a young Jonathan Winters on the panel; ½ hr.)

Password (host: Allen Ludden, 1/2 hr. each)

  • May 29, 1962: primetime, with Jack Benny and his daughter, Joan Benny

  • Jan. 10, 1966: daytime, with Lucille Ball and Gary Morton, with appearances by Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr.

  • 1966: Audrey Meadows and Jerry Lewis (GSN repeat; 22 min.)

  • 1966: Amanda Blake and Ray Bolger (GSN repeat, no commercials; 22 min.)

  • Feb. 21, 1975: the last episode with the “Password All-Stars” format and the second Grandmaster Tournament with Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby, Hal Linden, and Betty White

  • Mar. 21, 1975: with Betty White and Vicki Lawrence, no commercials (23 min.)

  • Jun. 27, 1975: final episode of the ABC daytime run (1971-75) with Kate Jackson and Sam Melville

Password Plus (host: Allen Ludden, ½ hr. each)

  • Aug. 22, 1980: Friday episode, with Lucille Ball and Dick Martin

The Paul Simon Special (Dec. 8, 1977: Paul’s NBC special, produced by Lorne Michaels without an audience, combines performances with comedy sketches; featuring Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin, Lily Tomlin, Art Garfunkel, and the Jessy Dixon Singers; 52 min.)

The Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show (½ hr. each)

  • Dec. 20, 1953: primetime Christmas episode based on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with a look at Christmas in the year 2000!; a very funny series starring one of the best ventriloquists on TV; meant for kids but also very entertaining for adults, as well

  • 1955: Saturday-morning kids show with Paul, Mary Ellen, and Milton DeLugg

PBS Arts

  • Nov. 18, 2016: Alan Cummings Sings Sappy Songs (1 hr.)

  • More to catalogue…

People Are Funny (host: Art Linkletter; ½ hr. each)

  • 1957: a contestant who has been sent around the world for 4 weeks looking for pieces of a United Artists contract finally returns, while a teenage girl must keep a complete stranger on the phone for 3 minutes to win a prize

  • 1958: first stunt involves the entire audience yawning; later, two families compete for a Rolls Royce by answering questions about a sketch they just saw, and a man calls his best friend to borrow his wife (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Mar. 1958: Virginia Maier and Ed Hakim, a couple connected via computer dating, play the first game for $10,000 (no commercials; 25 min.)

PEOPLE Magazine 20th Anniversary Special (Mar. 7, 1994: hosted by Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson; 2 hrs.)

The Perry Como Show

  • Oct. 17, 1951: guest Peggy Lee (15 min.)

  • 1955: three 15-minute episodes with guest host Julius LaRosa (45 min.)

  • Jan. 25, 1961: with Joey Heatherton, Peggy Lee, Bea Arthur, Shelly Berman (1 hr.)

Peter Pan (TV adaptation of Broadway musical with Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard)

  • Mar. 7, 1955: first version, broadcast as part of Producer's Showcase (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Dec. 8, 1960: third version, expanded and IN COLOR! (no commercials, 1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Dec. 4, 2014: starring Allison Williams and Christopher Walken (3 hrs.)

The Phil Silvers Show (Nov. 6, 1956: "Bilko's Engagement," episode #42; ½ hr.)

*The Phantom of the Opera: Behind the Mask (Sept. 17, 1989 special, 1 hr.)

*The Pierre Berton Show (1972: long-running Canadian talk show, this episode with filmmaker Don Shebib as the guest; no commercials; 24 min.)

The Pinky Lee Show (1954: episode of children’s series starring burlesque comedian Pinky Lee that inspired later zany kids’ shows like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse; ½ hr.)

*Pitfall (1981: short-lived game show hosted by Alex Trebek; contestants are Rosemary and Dan; poor quality; 1/2 hr.)

Place the Face (a fun game show where contestants try to recall faces from their past; ½ hr. each)

  • Summer 1953: Jack Smith hosts with “Johnny Narz” (Jack Narz) announcing; episode features guest Robert Stack

  • Feb. 11, 1954: Bill Cullen hosts and Jack Narz announces; episode features guests Joanne Gilbert and Xavier Cugat

The Play of the Week (2 hrs. each)

  • Dec. 14, 1959: "The World of Sholom Aleichem" with Zero Mostel, Gertrude Berg, Sam Levene, Nancy Walker, Jack Gilford

  • Apr. 3, 1961: "Waiting for Godot" with Zero Mostel, Burgess Meredith

Play Your Hunch (Jun. 20, 1962: premiere of second primetime edition of Merv Griffin-hosted game show; contestants: Braun vs. Nitz; special guest is Kaye Ballard; ½ hr.)

Playhouse 90 (1 ½ hrs. each)

  • Apr. 25, 1957: “Four Women in Black” with Helen Hayes, Janice Rule, Ralph Meeker, Katy Jurado, and Lita Milan (film)

  • Feb. 13, 1958: "No Time At All" with William Lundigan, Betsy Palmer, Jane Greer, Keenan Wynn, Cliff Edwards, Reginald Gardiner, Jack Haley, James Gleason, Buster Keaton, Florence Halop, Charles Bronson, Sylvia Sidney, Chico Marx, and Regis Toomey (film)

  • Apr. 16, 1959: "Judgment at Nuremberg," originally presented live on the series before becoming a major motion picture (live)

Plaza Suite (Dec. 3, 1987: Carol Burnett returns to CBS in this TV adaptation of Neil Simon’s play, starring alongside Hal Holbrook, Dabney Coleman, and Richard Crenna, with Darren Powell, Beth Maitland, Tim Conway, Jr., and Tim Byron Owen; no commercials; 1 hr. 40 min.)

Police Squad! (1982: all six episodes of the short-lived comedy series starring Leslie Nielsen and created by David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, and Jim Abrahams; no commercials; 25 min. each)

*Police Surgeon (c. 1972-74, no commercials, 25 min.)

Popsicle Parade of Stars (Jun. 12, 1950: Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks in her only TV appearance, with Hanley Stafford, 15 min.)

The Price is Right (original version of long-running game show with host Bill Cullen and announcer Don Pardo; ½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 10, 1957: daytime; Mary-Helen/Frank/Mildred/Lydia (opening cut off; no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jul. 5 or 12, 1957: daytime; Dorothy/Stella/Leo/Rose; the winner of the show’s Calendar Sweepstakes is announced

  • Jan. 13, 1960: primetime; Mary-Ann/Frank/Ida/Bud (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jan. 27, 1960: primetime; Joseph/Margaret/Tom/Janet (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Sept. 11, 1964: last primetime episode with celebrity guest Pat Carroll (no commercials; 25 min.)

The Price is Right (long-running CBS daytime revival with host Bob Barker)

  • Sept. 2, 1972 (taped Aug. 19, 1972): premiere! (½ hr.)

  • Sept. 15, 1980: Range Game, Poker Game, Punch-a-Bunch, One Right Price, Ten Chances, Grocery Game (1 hr.)

  • lots more still to catalogue...

The Price is Right (nighttime weekly syndicated version with host Dennis James; no commercials; 23-24 min. each)

  • Taped Sept. 4, 1972: Grocery Game, Any Number, Double Price

  • Taped Aug. 11, 1975: One Right Price, Any Number, Grocery Game

  • Taped Mar. 1, 1977: Money Game, Grocery Game, Clock Game

The Price is Right (nighttime weekly syndicated version with host Dennis James; no commercials; AUDIO ONLY; 23-24 min. each)

  • Apr. 9, 1974: Barbara/Lynn/Tony/Caroline - Grocery Game/Any Number/Most Expensive

  • Dec. 17, 1974: Marilyn/Barbara/Connie/Gloria - Shell Game/Any Number/Range Game

  • Dec. 24, 1974: Diane/Nancy/Lynn/Elaine - Grocery Game/Money Game/Most Expensive

  • Jan. 14, 1975: Janet/Lana/Ernestine/Roberta - Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Range Game

  • Jan. 21, 1975: Lorna/Sherry/Diane/Candace - Any Number/Bonus Game/Range Game

  • Feb. 11, 1975: Rosalba/Diana/Johnnie/Maureen - Lucky Seven/Grocery Game/Most Expensive

  • Feb. 25, 1975: Cathy/Vanest/Shauna/Frances - Five Price Tags/Range Game/Any Number

  • Mar. 11, 1975: Sherry/Mary/Kathleen/Mary - Grocery Game/Money Game/Clock Game

  • Mar. 18, 1975: Beverly/Barbara/Paula/Tonya - Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Most Expensive

  • Mar. 25, 1975: Doris/Candice/Margot/VIcky - Grocery Game/Money Game/Clock Game

  • Apr. 1, 1975: Eleanor/Carol/Rodney/Diane - Lucky Seven/Grocery Game/Most Expensive

  • Apr. 29, 1975: Wendy/Victor/Irene/Bonnie - Money Game/Shell Game/Range Game

  • May 13, 1975: Emma May/Nancy/Gloria/Connie - Shell Game/Money Game/Most Expensive

  • May 20, 1975: Esther/Sharon/Susan/Sandra - Five Price Tags/Grocery Game/Money Game

  • May 27, 1975: Diane/Kimberly/Linda/Joanne - Shell Game/Any Number/Double Prices

  • Jul. 15, 1975: Rosetta/John/Cathy/Linda - Any Number/Bonus Game/Range Game

  • Aug. 19, 1975: Stephanie/Toni/Toby Anne/Patricia - Lucky Seven/Most Expensive/Grocery Game

  • Sept. 2, 1975: Judy/Michelle/Anika/Mary - Lucky Seven/Most Expensive/Grocery Game

  • Sept. 16, 1975: Wendy/Anthony/Betty-Jo/Victoria - Lucky Seven/Most Expensive/Shell Game

  • Oct. 28, 1975: Linda/Patricia/Shannon/Janet - Lucky Seven/Grocery Game/One Right Price (opening seconds cut off)

*Prime Cuts (May/Jun. 1981: primetime edited version of The Alan Thicke Show, with guests Phil Esposito, Eva Gabor, Patsy Gallant, Gil Gerard, Joe Namath, Bobby Orr, and The Unknown Comic; 1/2 hr.)

Purlie (Oct. 12, 1981: cable TV adaptation of Broadway musical starring Robert Guillaume, Melba Moore, Sherman Hemsley, Don Scardino, Linda Hopkins; 2 hrs. 20 min.)

Pyramid (½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 28, 1973: The $10,000 Pyramid - rare clip of episode #3 with host Dick Clark and guests June Lockhart and Rob Reiner; 5 min. (B&W, pixelated)

  • Mar. 30, 1973: The $10,000 Pyramid - episode #5 with host Dick Clark and guests June Lockhart and Rob Reiner (B&W, watermarked, poor video)

  • Jun. 13, 1973: The $10,000 Pyramid - with Kaye Ballard and Richard Deacon; features an exciting Winners' Circle when the judge's decision leads to a second try for the contestant (no commercials)

  • 1974: The $25,000 Pyramid - Bill Cullen hosts with guests Anne Meara and Tony Roberts (no commercials)

  • Oct. 27, 1976: The $25,000 Pyramid - Bill Cullen hosts with guests Vicki Lawrence and Robert Hegyes

  • Feb. 1978: The $25,000 Pyramid - with host Bill Cullen and guests June Lockhart and Soupy Sales

  • Jul. 20, 1978: The $20,000 Pyramid - with host Dick Clark and guests Lois Nettleton and Dick Cavett

  • Jun. 4, 1979: The $25,000 Pyramid - Bill Cullen hosting, guests are Debralee Scott and Peter Lawford

  • Jun. 27, 1980: The $20,000 Pyramid - final episode with Lois Nettleton and Bill Cullen (no commercials; 23 min.)

  • Jan. 26, 1981: The $50,000 Pyramid - premiere episode hosted by Dick Clark with Joanne Worley and Sal Viscuso

  • Mar. 16, 1981: The $50,000 Pyramid - Dick Clark hosts with Elaine Joyce and Tony Randall (Tony is censored during his introductory interview)

  • Jun. 5, 1981: The $50,000 Pyramid - finale of short-lived revival with Dick Clark and guests Didi Conn and Nipsey Russell

  • Oct. 28, 1983: The New $25,000 Pyramid - Betty White, Ed Begley Jr.; a contestant only gets 1 question right in a category!

  • Jan. 7, 1991: The $100,000 Pyramid - John Davidson hosts with Vicki Lawrence-Schultz and Clifton Davis (Dick Clark gives a pre-taped welcome at the beginning; no commercials)

Queen for a Day (hosted by Jack Bailey; few episodes exist of this long-running daytime series; ½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 1958: from the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood; Jack admonishes the crowd at one point for not applauding (no commercials; 37 min.)

  • Jul. 1963: “Circus Day” featuring performers from Ringling Brothers

The Reel Game (May 3, 1971: finale of short-live game show with host Jack Barry and special guest Janet Leigh, taped Mar. 12, 1971; 1/2 hr.)

Rickles! (Nov. 19, 1975: CBS special with Don Rickles in Las Vegas and guests Jack Klugman, James Caan, Michael Caine, Arthur Godfrey, Elliot Gould, Bobby Riggs, Don Adams, and more; no commercials; 50 min.)

*Rita MacNeil's Cape Breton (Apr. 8, 2007 CTV special, 1 hr.)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again (Oct. 20, 2016: TV movie remake of classic musical; 2 hrs.)

Romance, Romance (Feb. 9, 1993: from Clairol on Broadway series, with John Herrera, Susan Moniz, John DeLuca, Deborah Graham, 2 hrs.)

The Rootie Kazootie Club (May 29, 1953: children’s series broadcast live from New York featuring a puppet named Rootie Kazootie who's dressed as a baseball player and a live studio audience full of kids who try to steal away a powerful magnet from a puppet named Poison Zoomack; ½ hr.)

Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (see Laugh-In, above)

Run For Your Life (Nov. 1, 1967: "Down with Willy Hatch," episode #68 from drama series starring Ben Gazzara with guest star Don Rickles; no commercials, 45 min.)

$ale of the Century (game show hosted by Jim Perry, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Jan. 3, 1983: premiere, Lynn vs. Joel vs. Janice

  • Mar. 24, 1989: final episode, Frank vs. Jody Lee vs. John

A Salute to Stan Laurel (Nov. 23, 1965: CBS special hosted by Dick Van Dyke with Lucille Ball, Fred Gwynne, Danny Kaye, Buster Keaton, Leonid Kinskey, Tina Louise, Audrey Meadows, Bob Newhart, Louis Nye, Gregory Peck, Cesar Romero, and Phil Silvers; no commercials; 52 min.)

Sammy! The Sammy Davis Jr. Special (Nov. 10, 1973: for this CBS special, Sammy is joined by his father, Sammy Davis Sr., and takes a look back at his life and career; songs include: Mr. Bojangles, Get It On, Over The Rainbow, For Once In My Life, a Porgy and Bess medley, and a recreation of a scene from his 1964 Broadway musical Golden Boy; no commercials; 50 min.)

Sammy & Company (Nov. 22, 1975: talk show hosted by Sammy Davis Jr. with guests Liza Minnelli, Chita Rivera, and Stephanie Mills; has some sync issues, 1 1/2 hrs.)

The Sammy Davis Jr. Show (1 hr. each)

  • Mar. 4, 1966: The Supremes, The Andrew Sisters, Jonathan Winters, Johnny Hartman (episode #8, cuts off during final commercial break)

  • Apr. 22, 1966: final episode, a solo concert by Sammy (no commercials)

Satin and Spurs (Sept. 12, 1954: TV's first "spectacular" and first original musical written for television, music and lyrics by Ray Livingston and Jay Evans; 80 min.)

Saturday Night Live (1 ½ hrs. each)

  • Oct. 11, 1975: series premiere with host George Carlin, musical guests Billy Preston and Janis Ian, and special guests Andy Kaufman, Valri Bromfield, and The Muppets (also have a ½ hr. of commercials, bumpers, and promos from the premiere's Nov. 8, 1980 repeat)

  • Oct. 18, 1975: host and musical guest Paul Simon, with additional musical guests Randy Newman, Phoebe Snow, and "special guest" Art Garfunkel

  • Oct. 25, 1975: host Rob Reiner; no musical guest, but John Belushi performs "With a Little Help From My Friends" as Joe Cocker

  • Dec. 13, 1975: host Richard Pryor, musical guest Gil Scott-Heron, guests Thalmus Rasulala, Annazette Chase, Shelley Pryor, and Kathrine McKee

  • Oct. 23, 1976: host Steve Martin (his first time) and musical guest Kinky Friedman; this episode was performed from Brooklyn rather than Studio 8H

  • Nov. 20, 1976: host and musical guest Paul Simon, with George Harrison; featuring the famous Thanksgiving monologue with Paul Simon in a turkey costume

  • Nov. 15, 1980: 6th season premiere with host Elliott Gould and an all-new cast (poor quality; looking for better copy!)

  • Oct. 6, 1984: repeat from Jun. 22, 1985 of 10th season premiere with the all-star cast, no host, musical guest is Thompson Twins

  • Oct. 11, 1986: 12th season premiere with host Sigourney Weaver and musical guest Buster Poindexter

  • May 12, 1990: host Andrew Dice Clay and musical guests Julee Cruise & Spanic Boys

  • many more still to catalogue...

Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style (Nov. 27, 1992 OR Aug. 31, 1993 repeat; 2 hrs.)

School House (1949: early Dumont network TV series, ½ hr.)

Scrabble (Jun. 11, 1993: Chuck Woolery hosts the final episode of the NBC daytime game show; Caryn vs. Blake; ½ hr.)

Scrambled Feet (1983: TV adaptation of Off-Broadway revue with Madeline Kahn, 1 ½ hrs.)

Second Chance (Jul. 15, 1977: final episode of short-lived ABC daytime game show that was revamped in 1983 as Press Your Luck; no commercials; AUDIO ONLY; 23 min.)

*Second City 15th Anniversary (1988: TV special reuniting the Second City Toronto cast, recorded August 28, 1988; no commercials, some pixellation; 48 min.)

*The Second City Live (1991: pilot episode of a proposed sketch comedy series [think of it as “SCTV: The Next Generation”] with performers Rose Abdoo, Kathyrn Greenwood, Karen Hines, Ed Sahely, Judith Scott, Tim Sims, and Ryan Stiles; with musical guest Northern Pikes and host Polly Draper; no commercials; 48 min.)

See You At the Polls (Oct. 9, 1956: all-star filmed special encouraging people to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, hosted by Bob Hope, with Anna Maria Alberghetti, William Bendix, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante, Peggy King, Peter Lawford, Groucho Marx, Ethel Merman, Donald O’Connor, Jane Russell, Danny Thomas, and more; ½ hr.)

Seven Keys (Jul. 12, 1962: game show hosted by Jack Narz, 1/2 hr.)

The Seven Lively Arts (Dec. 8, 1957: "The Sound of Jazz" with host John Crosby; performers include Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, Jimmy Giuffre, Henry "Red" Allen, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Vic Dickenson, Pee Wee Russell, and Gerry Mulligan; short segment missing; 55 min.)

704 Hauser (1994: all six episodes of the short-lived "All in the Family" spin-off, including one that never aired; no commercials; 23 min. each)

The Sex and Violence Family Hour (1983: an adult sketch comedy special originally aired on the Playboy Channel starring a young Jim Carrey, with Teri Austen, Steve Binder, Evan Carter, Suzette Couture, Debbie Denomy, Kate Ford, Laura Dickson, Murray Langston, Chas Lawther, Aiden Lynch, Linda Dowds, Susan Francis, and Donna Henry; paired with the short film Body Flash; 1 ½ hrs.)

Shangri-La Plaza (Jul. 30, 1990: sitcom pilot with Terrence Man, Melora Hardin, Savion Glover; no commercials, 24 min.)

She Loves Me (two televised versions of the Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick musical)

  • 1978: BBC production starring Gemma Craven, David Kernan, Diane Langton, Robin Ellis, Peter Sallis, and Aubrey Woods (2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 30, 2016: BroadwayHD livestream of the Roundabout revival, from the American Airlines Theatre in NYC (2 ½ hrs.)

Shenanigans (1965: a fun children’s game show hosted by Stubby Kaye; ½ hr.)

The Shirley MacLaine Show (Feb. 11, 1985; rare Showtime special recorded at the Wilshire Theatre in Los Angeles during the final leg of Shirley’s US Tour; 1 ½ hrs.)

*Showdown (Oct. 12, 1961: rare musical, memory-testing game show from CTV's inaugural season [it began broadcasting on Oct. 1, 1961] with host Paul Hanover; episode #2; ½ hr.)

Shower of Stars (1 hr. each)

  • May 12, 1955: "High Pitch" with Marguerite Piazza, Tony Martin, Vivian Vance, William Frawley

  • Nov. 1, 1956: Jack Benny, Nanette Fabray, Johnnie Ray, Rory Calhoun

  • Jan. 10?, 1957: Jack Benny, Liberace, Jayne Mansfield, Vincent Price (no commercials)

  • Mar. 14, 1957: Jack Benny, Gale Storm, Lawrence Welk, Jacques D’Amboise, Sid Krofft, Hedy Lamarr, with a cameo from Guy Lombardo, and hosted by Bill Lundigan

  • Feb. 13, 1958: Jack Benny’s 40th Birthday Celebration with Jack, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Don Wilson, and more (some pixellation)

Sinatra In Israel (1962: filmed documentary of Frank Sinatra's tour of Israel; contains Frank singing "In the Still of the Night" and "Without a Song"; somewhat glitchy in quality, 22 min.)

Sinatra 75: The Best is Yet To Come (Dec. 16, 1990: CBS special celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 75th birthday; 1 hr. 45 min.)

The $64,000 Challenge (host: Sonny Fox, 1956? episode with Gloria [?] on spelling, Bill Pearson on art, Floyd Yeomans on American history, 1/2 hr.)

The $64,000 Question (host: Hal March, 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1956: 1st anniversary show

  • 1957?: Virgil Earp (nephew of Wyatt Earp) on the Wild West, Marilyn Southern on opera

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1 hr. each)

  • Dec. 17, 1967: Talulah Bankhead, The Temptations, Pat Paulsen (with time-code burn-in)

  • Oct. 6, 1968: The Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, Aaron Williams, and an hilarious Pat Paulsen for President campaign speech, include questions from the audience

Smush (2002: USA Network game show with host Ken Over and contestants Jim/Megan/Dennis/Jon; ½ hr.)

Some Enchanted Evening: Celebrating Oscar Hammerstein II (Mar. 6, 1995: hosted by Julie Andrews, with Audra McDonald, Willie Nelson, Vanessa Williams, Bernadette Peters, and more; 80 min.)

Song & Dance (1984: with Sarah Brightman and Wayne Sleep, 2 hrs.)

Songs of America (Nov. 30, 1969: Simon and Garfunkel's controversial CBS special, featuring the duo on tour and behind-the-scenes footage; no commercials; 50 min.)

The Sound of Julie Andrews (Apr. 30, 1995: aired on the Disney Channel, Julie Andrews performs songs from many of her hit movies in the US premiere of her 1993 Tokyo concert, with Andre Previn conducting the NHK Symphony Orchestra; 1 hr.)

The Sound of Music Live! (Dec. 5, 2013: live TV adaptation of Broadway musical starring Carrie Underwood, 3 hrs.)

The South Bank Show (ITV series hosted by Melvyn Bragg):

  • 1980: "Sweeney Todd: Scenes from the Making of a Musical" with Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • May 20, 1984: "Stephen Sondheim: A Master Class" (taped from a US cable repeat; 54 min.)

Split Second (½ hr. each)

  • May 19 to 24, 1972: four consecutive episodes of this fast-paced quiz show; B&W copies without commercials (20-23 min. each)

  • 1975: Marvin vs. Sheri vs. Valiant (no commercials, missing opening; 21 min.)

  • Jun. 27, 1975: finale of game show, Tom Kennedy hosts, entire crew appears on camera, including a young Markie Post

Stage Show (Apr. 28, 1956: originally a half-hour series hosted by Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey that, along with The Honeymooners, replaced The Jackie Gleason Show for the 1955-56 season, then expanded to an hour for the summer; this is a compilation reel with guests Tony Bennett, The DeMarco Sisters, ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson and his puppet Danny O’Day, a very funny set from comedian xylophonist Roger Ray, and featuring two performances from The June Taylor Dancers; ½ hr.)

Stanley (live sitcom starring Buddy Hackett, produced by Max Liebman; 1/2 hr. each)

  • Sept. 24, 1956: "Opera Tickets" written by William Friedberg & Neil Simon, with Paul Lynde, Reedy Talton, Frederic Tozere, Jane Connell (episode #1)

  • Nov. 19, 1956: "The Late Stanley Peck" written by Lucille Kallen, with Paul Lynde, Carol Burnett, Reedy Talton, Frederic Tozere, Jane Connell (episode #9, no commercials)

*The Starlost (c. 1970s, Canadian sci-fi series, taped from a CFTO repeat c. 1987, 1 hr.)

Stars in the Eye (Nov. 15, 1952: special celebrating the opening of CBS Television City featuring Gracie Allen, Eve Arden, Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, George Burns, William Frawley, Gale Gordon, Art Linkletter, Vivian Vance, Margaret Whiting, Earl Warren, Alan Young, and more; 1 hr.)

The Steve Allen Show (NBC prime-time series, 1 hr. each)

  • Sept. 2, 1956: Fats Domino, Georgia Gibbs, Steve Lawrence, Smith and Dale

  • Dec. 23, 1956: Christmas show with Martha Raye, Alan Young, the Vienna Boys Choir in a live pick-up from the United Nations, the Collins Kids, Ricky Vera, Norman Vincent Peale

  • Jun. 2, 1957: Jerry Lewis, Xavier Cugat

  • Jul. 28, 1957: Shelley Winters, Tony Franciosa, The Four Coins, and Jerry Lee Lewis

  • Dec. 29, 1957: Margaret O'Brien, Jerry Vale (singing a song written by Steve Allen, "Pretend You Don't See Her"), Mike Nichols and Elaine May, jazz duo Martha Davis and Spouse, and Peter Ustinov

  • Feb. 16, 1958: The Photoplay Movie Awards Part II, from Hollywood, with Dale Robertson, Peggy King, Don Adams, The Hi-Lo's, and cameos from Jerry Lewis and Red Skelton (last minute missing)

  • Apr. 13, 1958: Sammy Davis Jr., Carmen McRae, Dody Goodman, Audrey Meadows, Jayne Meadows

  • Nov. 9, 1959: Peggy Lee, Billy Eckstine, Chuck Connors, George Jessel

  • Nov. 16, 1959: William Bendix, Jack Kerouac, Pam Garner, Frankie Laine (with time-code burn-in, IN COLOR!)

  • Jan. 11, 1960: Tony Bennett, Jayne Meadows, Caroline Richter, Monica Zetterlund (with time-code burn-in, IN COLOR!)

  • Jan. 18, 1960: Peggy Lee, Jimmy Durante (poor quality kinescope, missing part of Peggy Lee's performance; 50 min.)

  • May 30, 1960: Patrice Munsel, Jonathan Winters, Phil Harris (second-last episode)

  • Dec. 27, 1961: "The New Steve Allen Show" presents Campus USA, from UCLA, with Frankie Avalon, Bill Dana, Connie Francis

  • Jun. 14, 1967: "The Steve Allen Comedy Hour," CBS summer replacement series with Jayne Meadows, Louis Nye, Dayton Allen, John Byner, and Ruth Buzzi; premiere episode with guests Sonny and Cher and Lana Cantrell, featuring the legendary "Prickly Heat Telethon" sketch (no commercials, with time-code burn in)

The Steve Allen Show (1990 syndicated repeats of 1950s series, with new intros by Steve; ½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 3, 1957: Ginger Rogers, Phil Harris, Jonathan Winters

  • Jul. 6, 1958: Steve and Gene Rayburn present classic clips from Steve’s tenure on “The Tonight Show”

The Steve Allen Show (syndicated 1960s late-night series; no commercials)

  • Aug. 29: 1962: Barbara McNair, Bill Carey, Slim Gaillard (75 min.)

  • Feb. 21, 1964: Jayne Mansfield, Alexander King, The Rivingtons, Magic of the Atmosphere (with time-code burn-in, 75 min.)

  • Apr. 1, 1968: Mel Brooks (promoting The Producers!), Susan Barrett, Gordian Knot (45 min.)

  • May 6, 1968: Jack Carter, Nancy Culp, Joe Williams, The Young Americans (50 min.)

The Steve Lawrence Show (Sept. 13, 1965: premiere episode of short-lived variety series with regulars Charles Nelson Reilly and Betty Walker; guest is Lucille Ball, who brings outtakes from The Lucy Show; Steve and Lucy make their entrance riding on the back of an elephant; this is said to be the last CBS series to premiere in black-and-white; 1 hr.)

Studio One (live classic TV dramatic anthology; 1 hr. each)

  • Nov. 17, 1952: “Treasure Island” with Francis L. Sullivan, Peter Avarmo, Rex O’Malley, and Richard Purdy

  • 1953: "The Laughmaker" with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney

  • 1954: "The Square Peg" with Orson Bean

  • 1955?: "Sentence of Death" with James Dean and Betsy Palmer

  • 1958: "The Night America Trembled" about the War of the Worlds panic from 1938, with Edward R. Murrow, Warren Beatty, Vincent Gardenia, Warren Oates, Dennis Hopper

  • 1955?: "The Defender" Part 1 with Steve McQueen, Ralph Bellamy, William Shatner, and Martin Balsam

  • 1955?: "The Defender" Part 2

Stump the Stars (Nov. 26, 1962: Pat Harrington Jr. hosts this reboot of Pantomime Quiz, see above; regulars Sebatian Cabot, Beverly Garland, Diana Dors, and Ross Martin play against the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show, with Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, and Mary Tyler Moore; ½ hr.)

Stumpers (Oct. 4, 1976: premiere of Allen Ludden-hosted game show; guests are Dick Gautier and Robert Reed, contestants are Gail vs. Mauri; cameo from Tom Kennedy promoting his new show, 50 Grand Slam; bright video; ½ hr.)

The Sunshine Boys (Dec. 28, 1997: TV movie starring Woody Allen and Peter Falk; 2 hrs.)

Super Bowl's Greatest Halftime Shows (Feb. 5, 2016: narrated by Chris O'Donnell; 2 hrs.)

Super Circus (1954: with Mary Hartline and ringmaster Claude Kirschner; first act is Vivian Nelson, a trapeze artist, who falls to the ground when the rigging comes apart on live TV!; features an integrated audience!; ½ hr.)

Super Password (host: Bert Convy; 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1987: Vanessa Williams/Dick Cavett; bgeins with Penny at bonus round; Bert doesn't know his show's theme song! (no commercials)

  • 1988: Carol Channing/Betty White; Annie vs. Donald (no commercials)

*Super Pay Cards (1981: game show with host Art James; Mitchell vs. Helen; poor quality copy; no commercials; 1/2 hr.)

*Supermarket Sweep (1990s: Canadian version of popular US game show; host: Tino Monte; contestants are Cheryl/Michelle, Paul/Tracy, Ivy/Barbara; no commercials; 1/2 hr.)

Swing Into Spring! (Apr. 10, 1959: TV special starring Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, with Lionel Hampton, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, and the Hi-Los; no commercials; 52 min.)

*Talkabout (1989: host Wayne Cox, Rob & Mike vs. Kathy & Corrine; 1/2 hr.)

Taxi (Nov. 21, 1978: "Men Are Such Beasts," episode #10; ½ hr.)

*Telescope (long-running CBC documentary series hosted by Fletcher Markle; no commercials; 26 min. each)

  • May 22, 1964: "A Talk With Hitchcock" Part 1; interview with director Alfred Hitchcock and crew members on the set of Marnie

  • May 29, 1964: "A Talk With Hitchcock" Part 2: continued from previous week

*Test Pattern (1989: host Dan Gallagher, no commercials, 1/2 hr.)

*That Old Black Magic (CBC compilation adapted from "Buried Treasures," which aired Mar. 7, 2002; performances from Canadian variety series and specials by famous African-American singers never seen in the US, featuring Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Marion Anderson, Sammy Davis Jr., and Della Reese; 1 hr.)

That Was the Week That Was (BBC series, hosted by David Frost)

  • Dec. 29, 1962: end of year special (48 min.)

  • Jan. 1963: Michael Redgrave, Cleo Laine, Frankie Howerd (44 min.)

  • Jan. 1963: Madge Brindley, Patricia Routledge (snowy video, 1/2 hr.)

  • c. 1963?: no guests (snowy video, 43 min.)

  • Nov. 23, 1963: Tribute to John F. Kennedy (20 min.)

  • Dec. 28, 1963: end of year special, Scrapbook of 1963, featuring a salute to JFK (1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Jan. 10, 1964: final episode (42 min.)

That Was the Week That Was (NBC series, hosted by David Frost; the following items are AUDIO ONLY)

  • Jun. 12, 1964 (½ hr.)

  • Jun. 19, 1964 (½ hr.)

  • 1964-65: highlights from the series' run, with Nancy Ames, Henry Morgan, Woody Allen, Steve Allen, Allan Sherman, Buck Henry, Dick Noel, Elliot Reid, the songs of Tom Lehrer, Pat Englund, Phyllis Newman, Bob Dishy, Mort Sahl, Jerry Damon (no commercials; 1 hr.)

  • Jan. 4, 1973: "That Was the Year That Was" ABC special, a review of 1972 hosted by Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber, Art Buchwald, George Kirby, George Irving, Terry O'Mara, Kelly Garrett, Bob McFaden, Mark Russell, Adam Wade, and guests Dick Gautier, William F. Buckley, F. Lee Bailey, David Frost (70 min.)

Theatreland (Jul. 30 to Sept. 17, 2009: all 8 episodes of UK series behind the scenes at London's Theatre Royal Haymarket; 25 min. each)

There's Johnny! (2017: all seven episodes of the Hulu series, produced and created by Paul Reiser and starring Tony Danza, set behind-the-scenes at "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"; 1/2 hr. each)

Three on a Match (Feb. 12, 1974: Bill Cullen-hosted game show; contestants are Fred/Ann/Art; ½ hr.)

The 3rd Barry Manilow Special (May 23, 1979: Barry’s third annual special features special guest John Denver; 1 hr.)

3rd Degree (1/2 hr. each)

  • Sept. 11, 1989: premiere with Loni Anderson, Betty White, Charles Nelson Reilly, Burt Reynolds (no commercials)

  • 1989: with Robin Leach

  • 1990: with Stuart Damon

*This Hour Has Seven Days (Oct. 24, 1965: hosts Patrick Watson and Laurier LaPierre with Dinah Christie; stories include Larry Zolf and Jack Webster interviewing homeless men about the upcoming federal election, Laurier LaPierre interviewing Penthouse's Bob Guccione, Patrick Watson interviewing Orson Welles in Paris, an interview with boxer George Chuvalo, a comedy sketch with Barry Balder, Stan Daniels, and Warren Wilson; and Robert White moderates a discussion between two Ku Klux Klan members and Rev. James Bevel, a black civil rights leader; 1 hr.)

This is Your Life (Jun. 5, 1957: with host Ralph Edwards, and guest Ted Husing; 1/2 hr.)

Tic Tac Dough (Apr. 3, 1958: host Jay Jackson with returning contestants, champion Captain Michael O’Rourke and challenger Martin Dowd; this episode was part of the quiz show scandal investigations; no commercials, opening missing, 25 min.)

Time For Beany (Sept. 12, 1953: the original puppet show version of Beany and Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent from Bob Clampett, before it became an animated series; this is the first half-hour episode, where Beany and Cecil board the Leakin’ Lena and sail to the 5th corner of the earth; Cecil is played by Stan Freberg while Beany is Daws Butler; ½ hr.)

Timex All-Star Comedy Show (Apr. 6, 1962: hosted by Johnny Carson with Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Buddy Hackett, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Kaye Stevens; ½ hr.)

Timex All-Star Jazz Show (very rare specials featuring the greatest jazz musicians; 1 hr. each)

  • Dec. 30, 1957: The first special, hosted by Steve Allen, with Gene Krupa, Charlie Ventura, Bobby Scott, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Cozy Cole, June Christy, Carmen McRae, Marty Napoleon, Barrett Deems, Zoot Sims, Bill Harris, Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson, Bobby Hackett, Peanuts Hucko, and more; very faded copy; also, comes from a repeat broadcast with newer commercials

  • Apr. 30, 1958: 2nd edition, hosted by Gary Moore, with Gene Krupa, Cozy Cole, Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, George Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, and more

  • Nov. 10, 1958: 3rd edition with Gene Krupa, Bobby Haggart, Anita O'Day, Lionel Hampton, Chico Hamilton, Louis Armstrong, Les Brown, and more

  • Jan. 7, 1959: 4th edition, hosted by Jackie Gleason, with Gene Krupa, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Jo Jones, Coleman Hawkins, Duke Ellington, and more

*Tiny Talent Time (Nov. 5, 2000: revival of original series as "Today's Talent Time"; 1/2 hr.)

To Life: America Celebrates Israel's 50th (Apr. 15, 1998: CBS special from Los Angeles and Jerusalem, with hosts Kevin Costner and Michael Douglas; 2 hrs.)

To Tell the Truth (1/2 hr. each)

  • Jan. 7, 1958: primetime episode; host Bud Collyer with Betsy Palmer, Don Ameche, Kitty Carlisle, and Hy Gardner; the panel is stumped twice! (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Mar. 6, 1960: host Bud Collyer with Polly Bergen, Don Ameche, Tom Poston, Patricia Cutts

  • Aug. 31, 1980: host Robin Ward with John Wade, Susan Lucci, Bill Cullen, Polly Bergen (no commercials, but comes from a line cut of the taping, includes re-takes; has burnt-in time code and a slight sync issue)

Toast of the Town (see The Ed Sullivan Show)

The Today Show

  • Jan. 14, 1952: premiere with Dave Garroway, MSNBC repeat from 1990s, 1/2 hr. excerpt)

  • Jun. 26, 1956: guest host Faye Emerson, announcer Jack Lescoulie, and J. Fred Muggs are live from the 500 Club in Atlantic City, NJ, with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Lee Meriwether, and lots more (1 hr. excerpt)

The Tomorrow Show (starring Tom Snyder; no commercials)

  • Dec. 29, 1975: 50th anniversary of radio with Edgar Bergen, Gale Gordon, Ernestine Wade, Jim Backus, Bill Baldwin, Frank Nelson (glitchy video, 1 hr.)

  • Apr. 4, 1978: Don Wilson, George Fenneman, Harry Von Zell, John Reid King (45 min. excerpt)

The Tonight Show (Tonight Starring Steve Allen)

  • Dec. 30, 1953: "The Steve Allen Show," a rare episode of the local NYC program that eventually went national at The Tonight Show (40 min.)

  • Sept. 27, 1954: premiere with Bill Kenny, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Pat Marshall (45 min. excerpt)

  • Ocr. 31, 1954: rare excerpt from where the cast plays Hallowe’en games and dresses up in costume for the celebration; Steve mentions he’s been rehearsing with Max Liebman and Judy Holliday (for the upcoming spectacular, “Good Times”) (THIS EPISODE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR TRADE; ½ hr.)

  • Nov. 9, 1954: “The Steve Allen Hour,” a primetime hour on NBC that starred Steve Allen and his entire Tonight cast, which he refers to in his opening monologue as an earlier version of his late-night show; guests are Paul Winchell and Kaye Ballard (1 hr.)

  • Dec. 9, 1954: José Ferrer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Andy Williams, Pat Marshall (some pixilation and video glitches; 70 min. excerpt)

  • Jul. 22, 1955: last half only with guests Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Sammy Davis Jr., and Donna Reed; featuring music from “The Benny Goodman Story” (AUDIO ONLY; 40 min.)

  • Aug. 1955: final hour of an episode from Hollywood with Andy Williams, Pat Kirby, Lord Buckley, and Hy Averback announcing (52 min.)

  • Aug. 26, 1955: from Hollywood with Debbie Reynolds, Milton Berle, Erroll Garner, Steve Lawrence, and Andy Williams (includes all commercials, station IDs, and local newsbreaks - from WNBK Channel 3 Cleveland; AUDIO ONLY; 1 ½ hrs.)

  • Feb. 10, 1956: excerpt with Billie Holiday (AUDIO ONLY; 6 min.)

  • May 4, 1956: Pat Kirby, Bobby Scott, Andy Williams (with time-code burn-in, 50 min. excerpt)

The Tonight Show (The Jack Paar Program)

  • Oct. 17, 1958: rare excerpt with guest host, Johnny Carson

  • Feb. 12, 1960: the complete episode where Jack Paar walks off the show, with Genevieve, Orson Bean, Shelley Berman, and announcer Hugh Downs (no commercials, AUDIO ONLY; 75 min.)

  • Jun. 16, 1960: Sen. John F. Kennedy, Peggy Cass, José Melis (AUDIO ONLY; 45 min.)

  • Mar. 29, 1962: Jack Paar's final episode (complete), with Robert Merrill, Buddy Hackett, and Alexander King (no commercials, AUDIO ONLY; 75 min.)

The Tonight Show (1962's six-month guest-host period between Jack Paar's exit and Johnny Carson's debut)

  • Apr. 1962: very rare, complete show with guest host Jerry Lewis, announcer Hugh Downs, and guests Jack Carter, Nancy Dussault, and Henry Gibson (1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Jul. 6, 1962: excerpt with guest host Jerry Lewis with guest Rick Saphire (AUDIO ONLY; 10 min.)

  • Aug. 21, 1962: two short excerpts with guest host Groucho Marx, George Fenneman, Lillian Roth, and Barbra Streisand (AUDIO ONLY; ½ hr. total)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

  • Oct. 1, 1962: short excerpt from Johnny Carson's debut with Groucho Marx introducing the Tonight Show's new host (AUDIO ONLY; 3 min.)

  • Oct. 4, 1962: very short excerpt from Johnny's fourth episode with guest Barbra Streisand (AUDIO ONLY; 1 min.)

  • Dec. 3, 1963: early kinescope from 14 months into the show's run, with Henny Youngman, Don Stewart, Ivan Sanderson, and Annie Fargé; the Tonight Show band's bass player, Julie Ruggiero, is featured in a musical number (1 hr. 15 min.)

  • Dec. 31, 1963: short excerpt from live New Year's Eve episode with Rudy Vallee, Woody Allen, and the countdown from Times Square with Ben Grauer (AUDIO ONLY; 12 min.)

  • Jan. 9, 1964: Anne Jackson, Henry Morgan, The New Group, harpist Gene Bianco, and Stump the Band (45 min., cuts off during Henry Morgan’s interview)

  • Jan. 14, 1964: Hedda Hopper, Jack Douglas, Sam Levinson, Jonah Jones, and Stump the Band (1 hr. 20 min.)

  • Apr. 21, 1964: Arlene Dahl, Henry Morgan, Pete Fountain, J.H. Ehrlich (no commercials, 75 min.)

  • Mar. 23, 1965: Henry Morgan, Anita Gillette, Anita Bryant, Robert Murphy; Jack Haskell announces (no commercials; 75 min.)

  • Dec. 31, 1965: Woody Allen, William Walker, Gina Golan, Criswell, The Muppets, with live segments from Times Square for New Year's Eve (IN COLOR, 1 hr. 45 min.)

  • Nov. 16, 1966: excerpt with guest Benny Goodman playing his classic tune Sing, Sing, Sing with the band, conducted by Milton DeLugg and featuring Clark Terry on trumpet and Ed Shaughnessy on drums (AUDIO ONLY; 7 min.)

  • Jul. 24, 1967 (?): Luba Lisa, Flip Wilson, Chad and Jeremy, Lyn Tornabene (second half only; 50 min.)

  • Aug. 17, 1967 (?): Kaye Stevens, Allen Funt, Gary and the Hornets, Muriel Davis Grossfeld, Sam Blum; Milton DeLugg conducts the band (50 min. excerpt)

  • May 14, 1968: excerpt with guest host Joe Garagiola and guests John Lennon and Paul McCartney, with Tallulah Bankhead (AUDIO ONLY; 20 min.)

  • Jun. 24, 1968: Judy Garland's first appearance with Johnny Carson (IN COLOR; 22 min. excerpt)

  • Dec. 17, 1968: Judy Garland's second and final appearance; she is interviewed and sings “It’s All For You” and "Till After the Holidays” (IN COLOR; 22 min. excerpt)

  • Jun. 13, 1969: Stan Freberg, Joan Rivers, Dana Valery, Jim Fowler (no commercials; 65 min.)

  • Nov. 14, 1969: Lucille Ball, Louis Nye, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson (45 min. excerpt)


  • Dec. 14, 1969: Phyllis Diller, Florence Henderson, Nick Lucas, and the marriage of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Aug. 13, 1970: Buddy Hackett, Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich, Ben Wattenberg; Tommy Newsom leads the band (1 ½ hrs.)

  • May 6, 1971: guest host Woody Allen, Bob Hope, James Coco; last half-hour missing (1 hr.)

  • Jul. 1, 1971: Della Reese, Rodney Dangerfield, Jerzy Kosinski, Freeway; Willie Stargell is announced as a guest but doesn’t appear; Doc Severinsen announces, Tommy Newsom leads the band (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Sept. 28, 1971: Larry Kert, Louise Lasser, Paul Harvey, Dick Haymes, and the winners of the national harmonica contest; Doc Severinsen announces, Tommy Newsom leads the band (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Oct. 26, 1971: Victor Buono, Ace Trucking Co., William F. Buckley Jr., Rich Little; last 15 min. missing, which consists of the Rich Little segment (1 hr. 15 min.)

  • May 2, 1972: second episode after the show's move to Burbank; Johnny Mathis, George Carlin, Rob Reiner, Carol Wayne, Mr. Blackwell (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Jan. 3, 1973: Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder, Joan Rivers, Helen Reddy, The Illegitimate Theater; Doc Severinsen announces, Tommy Newsom leads the band (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Jan. 17, 1973: Jack Benny, Rich Little, Dylan Jenson, and Dick Benson & Roger Pida (from an Antenna TV repeat; 1 ½ hrs.)

  • Feb. 13, 1973: George Burns, Carl Reiner, Honey Cone, Sammy Davis Jr. (from a 1987 rerun to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, with a special outro recorded by Ed McMahon at Johnny’s desk, no commercials; 45 min.)

  • Dec. 6, 1973: Diane Keaton, Sammy Davis Jr. (who improvises a medley with the band), Freddie Prinze (who absolutely kills in his first TV appearance), and a featured number from the band, with Louie Bellson subbing in for Ed Shaughnessy; Erma Bombeck is an announced guest but doesn’t appear because the show runs long (1 ½ hrs.)

  • 1973/74?: rare clips of Johnny and Charlton Heston doing dramatica recitations of TV commercials, followed by never-aired commercial bloopers featuring Johnny and Ed (6 min.)

  • Jan. 23, 1974: Jack Benny, Mel Blanc, Maria Muldaur, Jim Henson with Kermit the Frog, Dr. Irwin M. Stillman (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Jun. 5, 1974: Rich Litte, Truman Capote, Olivia Newton-John, Martin Poriss, Donna Myers (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Dec. 16, 1975: Ethel Merman, Shecky Greene, Ted Knight, and Madlyn Rhue (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Mar. 5, 1976: Bing Crosby, Ray Bolger, Marvin Hamlisch, Burt Mustin (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Nov. 12, 1976: Frank Sinatra, David Janssen, Olivia Newton-John, Ray Johnson; Don Rickles does a walk-on during Sinatra's panel interview (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Oct. 1, 1987: 25th anniversary live primetime special (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Dec. 17, 1987: Jack Paar, new Christmas products, children’s letters to Santa (1 hr.)

  • Oct. 3, 1991: 29th anniversary primetime special, the final anniversary show before Johnny’s retirement; no commercials (70 min.)

  • May 15, 1992: Clint Eastwood, David Letterman, Bob Hope (1 hr.)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (Armed Forces Radio Service versions cut down from the TV episodes; many of these episodes, taken from the first ten years of Johnny's tenure as host in New York, are otherwise considered lost or missing episodes; 25 min. each; AUDIO ONLY)

  • Jan. 30, 1969 (?): Stump the Band, Bud & CeCe Robinson, Ray Price, Phyllis Newman, Frank Buxton

  • Feb. 7, 1969: guest host Flip Wilson, Lara Parker, The Staple Singers, Monti Rock, Stanford Wolf

  • Feb. 1969: from Hollywood, with Stump the Band, Rose Marie, Arte Johnson

  • Feb. 27, 1969: from Hollywood, with George Burns, Joanne Vent, Mickey Rooney

  • Mar. 5, 1969: Sandler & Young, Tony Randall, Garry Moore

  • Mar. 13, 1969: Jack E. Leonard, Dr. William Stevens

  • Mar. 1969: guest host Bill Cosby, with Bola Sete, Hedge & Donna, Al Paul Trio

  • 1969: Liza Minnelli, Ron Shanin

  • Apr. 1, 1969 (?): Jack Lemmon, Sandy Dennis

  • Apr. 11, 1969 (?): Tony Randell, Vivan Vance, First Edition, Gerry Mulligan, Jack Haskell

  • Apr. 11 & 14, 1969 (?): Stump the Band, Rodney Dangerfield, Kim Martell, Be a Lillie

  • 1969: Billy De Wolfe, Donna McKechnie (Johnny and Donna mention the "Donna McAnimal" story)

  • May 1, 1969: Connie Stevens, Rodney Dangerfield, Ronnie David

  • May 9, 1969: guest host Carl Reiner, Dick Cavett, David Janssen

  • May 16, 1969: guest host Bob Newhart, Hines, Hines & Dad

  • May 1969: Stump the Bad, George Segal, Burt Bacharach

  • May 23, 1969: Woody Allen, Joey Heatherton

  • 1969: Stump the Band, Sue Lyon, Lesley Gore

  • Jun. 6, 1969: Mary Hopkin, Gordon MacRae, Ramsey Lewis Trio

  • 1969: Bobby Darin, Billy Eckstine, Bennett Cerf

  • Jun. 13, 1969: Dana Valery, Joan Rivers (complete video available above)

  • Jun. 19 1969: Nilsson, Bennett Cerf, Morey Amsterdam

  • Jun. 27, 1969: guest host George Segal, Eva Marie Saint

  • Jul. 1969: Clark Terry, Bob Crane, Helen O'Connell, Jack Newfield

  • Jul. 11, 1969: guest host Flip Wilson, Astrid Gilberto, Milton Berle

  • Jul. 1969: guest host Carl Reiner, Marilyn Michaels, Roger Caras

Tony Awards

  • Apr. 24, 1960: 14th edition with host Eddie Albert; presenters include Lauren Bacall, Ray Bolger, Peggy Cass, Helen Hayes, Celeste Holm, Carol Lawrence, Vivien Leigh, Darren McGavin, Robert Morse, Christopher Plummer, Jason Robard, and more; broadcast locally on WCBS (1 hr.)

  • Apr. 16, 1961: 15th edition with host Phil Silvers; presenters include Anne Bancroft, Ray Bolger, Carol Channing, Henry Fonda, Joan Fontaine, Robert Goblet, Helen Hayes, Frederic March, Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Robert Preston, Gig Young, and more; broadcast locally on WCBS (1 hr.)

  • Mar. 26, 1967: 21st edition and the first nationally-broadcast Tony Awards, with hosts Mary Martin and Robert Preston; performances include the casts of Cabaret, The Apple Tree, I Do! I Do!, Walking Happy (1 hr. 10 min.)

  • Apr. 21, 1968: 22nd edition with hosts Angela Lansbury and Peter Ustinov, with Jack Benny and announcer Alfred Drake; performances include the casts of nominated shows Golden Rainbow, The Happy Time, How Now, Dow Jones, and Hallelujah, Baby!, as well as the casts of Man of La Mancha, Cabaret, Hello Dolly!, and Fiddler on the Roof, featuring a young Bette Midler (1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Apr. 20, 1969: 23rd edition with hosts Diahann Carroll and Alan King; performances include the casts of Zorba, Promises, Promises, 1776, and Hair, as well as the plays Lovers and The Great White Hope (2 hrs.)

  • Apr. 19, 1970: 24th edition with hosts Julie Andrews, Walter Matthau, and Shirley MacLaine, with performances from Applause, Coco, and Purlie (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Mar. 28, 1971: 25th anniversary edition with hosts Lauren Bacall, Angela Lansbury, Anthony Quinn, and Anthony Quayle, with Dick Caveat and Ruby Keeler; all-star performances from the past 24 years of Tony-honoured musical (2 hrs.)

  • Apr. 23, 1972: 26th edition with hosts Henry Fonda, Deborah Kerr, and Peter Ustinov; performances include Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death, Jesus Christ Superstar, and No, No, Nanette (2 hrs. 15 min.)

  • Apr. 18, 1976: 30th edition from the Shubert Theatre, broadcast by ABC, with hosts Eddie Albert, Richard Burton, Jane Fonda, Diana Rigg, George C. Scott, and Trish Van Devere; performances include A Chorus Line, Bubbling Brown Sugar, Chicago, and Pacific Overtures (2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 4, 1978: 32nd edition with performances from The Act, Ain't Misbehavin', Dancin', On the Twentieth Century, Runaways (2 hrs. including a CBS News report with Ed Bradley)

  • Jun. 3, 1979: 33rd edition with hosts Jane Alexander, Henry Fonda, and Liv Ullman, with performances from Ballroom, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Eubie, I Remember Mama, Sweeney Todd, and They're Playing Our Song (no commercials, 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 8, 1980: 34th edition with hosts Mary Tyler Moore and Jason Robards, with performances from A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine, Barnum, Evita, Oklahoma!, Peter Pan, Sugar Babies, West Side Story (no commercials, 1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Jun. 7, 1981: 35th edition with hosts Ellen Burstyn and Richard Chamberlain, with performances from 42nd Street, Sophisticated Ladies, Tintypes, and Woman of the Year (no commercials, 2 hrs. 5 min.)

  • Jun. 6, 1982: 36th edition with host Tony Randall, and performances from Dreamgirls, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Nine, and Pump Boys and Dinettes (no commercials, 1 hr. 45 min.)

  • Jun. 5, 1983: 37th edition with hosts Richard Burton, Lena Horne, and Jack Lemmon, with performances from My One and Only, Merlin, and Cats; the Uris Theatre where the awards are held is renamed the Gershwin Theatre at the end with a tribute to George Gershwin (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 3, 1984: 38th edition with hosts Julie Andrews and Robert Preston; performances include Baby, La Cage Aux Folles, The Tap Dance Kid, The Rink, Sunday in the Park with George (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 2, 1985: 39th edition with performances from Big River, Grind, Leader of the Pack (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 1, 1986: 40th edition, and the 20th TV broadcast, with performances from Big Deal, Song & Dance, Tango Argentino, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood (no commercials, 1 hr. 45 min.)

  • Jun. 7, 1987: 41st edition with host Angela Lansbury; performances from Rags, Les Misérables, Me and My Girl, and Starlight Express (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 5, 1988: 42nd edition with host Angela Lansbury; performances include A Chorus Line, Anything Goes, Dreamgirls, Into the Woods, The Phantom of the Opera, Romance/Romance, and Sarafina! (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 4, 1989: 43rd edition with host Angela Lansbury; performances include Black and Blue, Jerome Robbins' Broadway, Starmites (no commercials, 2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 3, 1990: 44th edition with host Kathleen Turner; performances include Aspects of Love, City of Angels, Grand Hotel, Meet Me in St. Louis (no commercials, 1 hr. 50 min.)

  • Jun. 2, 1991: 45th edition with hosts Julie Andrews and Jeremy Irons; performances include Miss Saigon, Once on This Island, The Secret Garden, The Will Rogers Follies (no commercials; 1 hr. 53 min.)

  • May 31, 1992: 46th edition with host Glenn Close; performances include Crazy For You, Falsettos, Five Guys Named Moe, Jelly's Last Jam (no commercials; 1 hr. 42 min.)

  • Jun. 6, 1993: 47th edition with host Liza Minnelli; performances include Kiss of the Spider Woman, Blood Brothers, The Goodbye Girl, The Who's Tommy (no commercials; 1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Jun. 12, 1994: 48th edition with hosts Anthony Hopkins and Amy Irving; performances include Grease!, She Love Me, Damn Yankees, Carousel, Show Boat (from Toronto), A Grand Night for Singing, Beauty and the Beast, Passion, Cyrano (no commercials; 1 hr. 40 min.)

  • Jun. 4, 1995: 49th edition with hosts Glenn Close, Nathan Lane, Gregory Hines; performances include Sunset Boulevard, Smokey Joe's Café, Show Boat, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 2, 1996: 50th edition with host Nathan Lane; performances include Rent, Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk, Swinging on a Star, The King and I, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Company, Hello Dolly (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 1, 1997: "Broadway '97: Launching the Tonys" public television pre-show (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 1, 1997: 51st edition with host Rosie O'Donnell, from Radio City Music Hall (the first time the show moved from Broadway); performances include Chicago, Candide, Annie, Once Upon a Mattress, Titanic, Steel Pier, The Life (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 7, 1998: "Broadway '98: Launching the Tony Awards" public television pre-show (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 7, 1998: 52nd edition hosted by Rosie O'Donnell; performances include Ragtime, The Sound of Music, 1776, The Lion King, Cabaret, Side Show, The Scarlet Pimpernel (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 6, 1999: "Broadway '99: Launching the Tony Awards" featuring the first ten awards (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 6, 1999: 53rd edition with performances from The Civil War, Parade, Fosse, Peter Pan, Little Me, Annie Get Your Gun, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 4, 2000: "The First Ten Awards: Tonys 2000" public television pre-show hosted by Nathan Lane (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 4, 2000: 54th edition hosted by Rosie O'Donnell and Nathan Lane, with performance from Contact, Kiss Me, Kate, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Music Man, The Wild Party, Swing!, James Joyce's The Dead (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 3, 2001: "The First Ten Awards: Tonys 2001" public television pre-show (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 3, 2001: 55th edition with hosts Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and performances from A Class Act, 42nd Street, Bells Are Ringing, The Producers, The Full Monty, Jane Eyre, The Rocky Horror Show (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 2, 2002: "The First Ten Awards: Tonys 2002" pre-show hosted by Bernadette Peters and Gregory Hines (1 hr.)

  • Jun. 2, 2002: 56th edition hosted by Bernadette Peters and Gregory Hines, with performances from Into the Woods, Oklahoma!, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Sweet Smell of Success, Mamma Mia!, and Urinetown (no commercials; 1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Jun. 8, 2003: 57th edition hosted by Hugh Jackman, with performances from Movin' Out, Hairspray, A Year with Frog and Toad, Nine, La Bohème, Gypsy, Man of La Mancha (no commercials; 2 hrs. 15 min.)

  • Jun. 6, 2004: 58th edition with host Hugh Jackman and performances from Avenue Q, The Boy From Oz, Caroline or Change, Wicked, Assassins, Fiddler on the Roof, Wonderful Town, and Big River (no commercials; 2 hrs. 10 min.)

  • Jun. 5, 2005: 59th edition with host Hugh Jackman and performances from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Light in the Piazza, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Spamalot, Sweet Charity, and La Cage Aux Folles (no commercials, 2 hrs. 10 min.)

  • Jun. 11, 2006: 60th edition with performances from The Color Purple, The Drowsy Chaperone, Jersey Boys, The Wedding Singer, The Pajama Game, Sweeney Todd, and The Threepenny Opera (no commercials, 2 hrs. 10 min.)

  • Jun. 10, 2007: 61st edition with performances from Grey Gardens, Spring Awakening, Mary Poppins, Curtains, 110 in the Shade, A Chorus Line, and Company (no commercials, 2 hrs. 10 min.)

Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best is Yet to Come (Dec. 20, 2016: from Radio City Music Hall; 2 hrs.)

Treasure Hunt (Mar. 20, 1958: rare episode of original NBC daytime series hosted and created by comedian Jan Murray, later revived by Chuck Barris in the 1970s; this episode includes a contestant bringing her pet monkey to the set; ½ hr.)

*Trivia Company (1987: game show from CTV affiliate CKCO in Kitchener, Ontario with host Johnnie Waters; part of opening missing, ½ hr.)

*The Trouble with Tracy (daily sitcom starring Diane Nyland, Steve Weston, Bonnie Brooks, Franz Russell; episode titled "The Mystery Show" with Arch McDonnell, Peggy Mahon, Paul Robin, Carl Banas, taped from a cable TV repeat c. 1988; no commercials, 25 min.)

Truth or Consequences (Dec. 31, 1956: daytime premiere with Ralph Edwards introducing new host, Bob Barker; with time-code burn-in, 1/2 hr.)

TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV (Mar. 16, 2005: 2nd annual show of classic TV tributes, honors, and reunions; no commercials; 2 hrs.)

12 Angry Men (Aug. 17, 1997: made-for-TV remake, broadcast on Showtime, and starring Courtney B. Vance, Ossie Davis, George C. Scott, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Dorian Harewood, James Gandolfini, Tony Danza, Jack Lemmon, Hume Cronyn, Mykelti Williamson, Edward James Olmos, William Petersen; 2 hrs.)

Twenty One (1/2 hr. each)

  • Dec. 5, 1956: the episode dramatized in Robert Redford’s terrific film, Quiz Show, with Charles Van Doren vs. Herb Stempel

  • Dec. 12, 1956: Charles Van Doren (his 2nd show) vs. Barbara Laine (with time-code burn in)

  • Jan. 14, 1957: Charles Van Doren (his 7th show) vs. Ruth Miller (with time-code burn-in)

  • Jun. 3, 1957: champion Hank Bloomgarden and challenger James Snodgrass play their 7th game

  • Jul. 8, 1957: Hank Bloomgarden (who has won $116,000 so far) plays a 4th tie game against Harold Craig for $2,000/point (no commercials; 25 min.)

Twenty Question (Feb. 8, 1952: rare episode of a DuMont network game show hosted by Bill Slater, with panelists Fred Van De Venter, Florence Rinard, Herb Polesie, Johnny McPhee, and guest panelist, opera singer Eleanor Steber; ½ hr.)

Two For the Money (Mar. 23, 1957: premiere episode of the show’s final run from mid-1957, with host Sam Levenson and a very young Ed McMahon as the on-screen announcer; ½ hr.)

Two Top Bananas (1982: Showtime burlesque special starring Don Rickles, Don Adams, Murray Langston, and more; 45 min.)

Ultimate Manilow (May 18, 2002: CBS special with Barry Manilow's greatest hits; two versions available: as broadcast [no commercials] or an extended line cut of the taping, including warm-up, retakes, and banter with the audience; 1 hr.)

Viva Shaf Vegas (May 18, 1987: Cinemax special starring Paul Shaffer, with guests Robert Goulet, Redd Foxx, The Checkmates, and Sam Butera; 1 hr.)

*W5 (c. Apr. 1994: profile of Dave Broadfoot; 1 hr.)

*Wayne and Shuster Take An Affectionate Look At... (documentary series hosted by the Canadian comedy duo, produced for CBS and CBC; 1 hr. each)

  • Jun. 24, 1966 (CBS) / Unknown airdate (CBC): Jack Benny

  • Jul. 8, 1966 (CBS) / Mar. 29, 1965 (CBC): The Marx Brothers

What's My Line? (1/2 hr. each)

  • Feb. 2, 1950: premiere with Phil Rizutto

  • Feb. 21, 1954: Lucille Ball, Deborah Kerr on panel

  • Dec. 12, 1954: Bob Hope

  • Oct. 2, 1955: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Robert Q. Lewis on panel

  • Mar. 18, 1956: Cyd Charisse, first episode following the death of panelist Fred Allen

  • Sept. 20, 1959: Claudette Colbert, Groucho Marx on panel

  • May 14, 1961: The Crosby Brothers (AFRTS - AUDIO ONLY)

  • Feb. 23, 1964: Bert Lahr

  • Jan. 23, 1965: Jack Lemmon

  • Apr. 25, 1965: Barbra Streisand

  • Oct. 17, 1965: Oscar Levant

  • Nov. 7, 1965: Joey Heatherton, Dorothy Kilgallen's last episode

  • Nov. 14, 1965: Maureen O'Sullivan, first episode following the death of Dorothy Kilgallen

  • Sept. 3, 1967: finale with a special mystery guest

  • Nov. 5, 1970 (tape date): Mel Brooks (tracking problems)

  • May 28, 1975: 25th anniversary special with Mark Goodson, Arlene Francis, and John Daly (1 1/2 hrs.)

What’s Your Bid? (1953: a short-lived combination auction and game show, aired on ABC and hosted by “Liberal Bill” featuring a wild audience that offers up their own money for prizes, with the funds raised going to a charity … this week, it’s the Will Rogers Hospital; the cameras turn around and frequently show the audience; ½ hr.)

Wheel of Fortune (½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 20, 1980: from original NBC daytime run with hosts Chuck Wollery and Susan Stafford; contestants are Charline, Becky, Les)

  • Nov. 20, 1998: 3,000th episode of the syndicated run with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White; clips are shown, shot in Las Vegas

Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? (children's game show, 1/2 hr. each)

  • 1991: premiere episode, Patty Larceny in "The Purloined Pooch"

  • Nov. 13, 1992: Double Trouble in "My Cup Runneth Away" (with First Lady Barbara Bush)

  • Dec. 14, 1992: Kneemoi in "She Took the Notes Right Out of My Mouth"

  • 1993: Eartha Brute in "Might Takes Wright"

  • Oct. 19, 1995: Contessa in "Wine Not!" (with a song from Rockapella at the end)

  • Nov. 3, 1995: Robocrook steals the Internet in "Take a Byte Out of Crime"

  • 1995: final episode, Wonder Rat in "A Rodent Ran Through It"

Whew! (May 30, 1980: finale with host Tom Kennedy, Betty White, John Saxon; no commercials, 1/2 hr.)

Who Do You Trust? (two episodes of daytime game show hosted by Johnny Carson; one from Sept. 9, 1958 without commercials, another with original commercials, from Fall 1959, featuring Ed McMahon as announcer; ½ hr. each)

*Wild Guess (Dec. 10, 1988: kids game show on animals hosted by Neil Crone, 1/2 hr.)

Winky Dink and You (1953: kids series with Jack Barry that involves drawing on a “magic screen” placed over the TV monitor; ½ hr.)

Winning Streak (Aug. 9, 1974: rare episode of short-lived game show with host Bill Cullen and Don Pardo announcing; ½ hr.)

With a Touch of Burlesque (1981: HBO adaptation of stage revue starring Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca; 1 hr.)

WKRP in Cincinatti (Jan 31, 1981: “Venus and the Man,” featuring a special message from the cast and crew welcoming the U.S. hostages back from Iran; ½ hr.)

Wonderful Town (Nov. 30, 1958: TV adaptation of Broadway musical with Rosalind Russell, Sydney Chaplin, and Jacquelyn McKeever, 2 hrs.)

Wordplay (Sept. 4, 1987: finale of short-lived NBC daytime game show hosted by Tom Kennedy; 1/2 hr.)

Words About Music (1955: premiere episode of local KNXT Los Angeles musical panel game show, with host Frank DeVol and panelists Oscar Levant, Elsa Lanchester, Jackie Cooper, Natalie Wood and guest Sammy Cahn; no commercials; 25 min.)

Working Girl (two rare episodes from NBC sitcom based on the film of the same name, starring a young Sandra Bullock in the Melanie Griffith role; ½ hr. each)

  • Apr. 16, 1990: "Dream On" (episode #1; two copies available, from original NBC run and from TV Land repeat; TV Land copy does not have commercials)

  • 1990: another episode from the NBC run

You Asked For It (1950s reality series hosted by Art Baker; viewers request things they want to see on TV; these episodes are from the show’s initial run on the DuMont Network; ½ hr. each)

  • Mar. 9, 1951: One of the most famous episodes featuring a reunion of the original kids from the Our Gang films; other guests include pin-up girls and bird act Bill and Coo

  • Apr. 1951: Pianist Ivory Joe Hunter appears; other segments include a wrestling chimpanzee, Robert Haskell (the vice-president of the Society of Magicians of America) exposing the secrets of card sharks, a William Tell demonstration, and a blackface act by Harry Jolson (Al Jolson’s brother)

  • 1951: includes footage of an octopus, a theremin soloist, a movie special effects demonstrations, and comedian El Brendel performing with his wife, Flo Bert

  • 1951: segments include escape artist Maldo, a German band, getting venom from a snake, the world’s largest collector of miniatures, and a recreation of the Sullivan/La Savant fight in Paris

You Bet Your Life (host: Groucho Marx, announcer: George Fenneman; 1/2 hr. each)

  • Dec. 5, 1949: secret word in “Name” — this is the pilot episode of You Bet Your Life shot for CBS that never aired on TV, including the final moments of the pre-show warm-up; a rare look at a full hour-long taping of the show, before it was edited down for TV (this episode aired on radio on Dec. 28, 1949 and was the final episode sponsored by Elgin-American)

  • Feb. 22, 1951: secret word is “Door,” this first-season episode’s contestants include a librarian, a geologist, an army quartermaster, and sculptor Yucca Salamunich (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Dec. 31, 1953: secret word is “Light,” this New Year’s Eve episode includes contestant Jack Macfadden, the son of Bernarr Macfadden ("Father of Physical Culture"), and a Scottish woman who sings a bit of a traditional folk song

  • Feb. 18, 1954: secret word is “Clock,” contestants include a woman with a high-pitched voice and a spunky old lady who complains about Groucho's cigar

  • May 13, 1954: secret word is “House,” contestants include silent film-era movie star Laura LaPlante

  • Nov. 4, 1954: secret word is “Chair,” contestants include the mayoress of Newport Beach and a cattle buyer; the commercials includes home movie footage of Groucho’s summer vacation in Europe

  • Nov. 11, 1954: secret word is “Voice,” contestants include a husband and wife who are both professional wrestlers, a feline veterinarian, a "forelady" of a manufacturing company, a leader of an "All-girls'" hunting expedition, and a marine lieutenant

  • Jan. 6, 1955: secret word is “Water,” contestants include golf pro Jim Ferrier, a former model-turned-dog trainer, and a lion tamer (some commercials missing from the print, mostly complete)

  • May 12, 1955: secret word is “Food,” probably my all-time favourite episode, thanks to contestant Albert Hall, whose deliberate speaking voice and wide-eyed commentary makes for one of the funniest interviews of the whole series; other contestants include Mario DaRe, USC football player and brother of actor Aldo Ray, the Queen of the Pasadena Rose Parade, a professional hydrologist (locates underground water), and a woman from Prague

  • Feb. 9, 1956: secret word is “Door,” contestants include a grandmaster chess champion, a woman who is revealed to be Tony Curtis’ mother, an aspiring actor from Nicaragua, and “Fifi, the Sheep-headed Girl”; the previous week’s champions compete for the big money at the end (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Feb. 23, 1956: secret word is “Voice,” contestants include singer/actress Fifi D’Orsay (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Mar. 29, 1956: secret word is “Shoe,” contestants include Lt. Colonel John Paul Stapp, the fastest sled rider in the world (over 600 mph), a Republican woman who believes a woman should never be the US President (Groucho vehemently disagrees!), and a Dutch flight attendant

  • Jun. 21, 1956: secret word is “Hand,” sixth-season finale with a man who discusses moustaches with Groucho, and Albert Eisen, the mayor of Torrance, CA

  • Oct. 4, 1956: secret word is “Hand,” Groucho takes a polygraph test, and one of the contestants is Groucho’s father-in-law! (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Oct. 18, 1956: secret word is “Hand,” George Fenneman reveals his middle name, and contestants include Annie Wilkins, who rode a horse from Maine to California, and an upholsterer who impersonates famous singers

  • Nov. 1, 1956: secret word is “Name,” contestants include Horatio Hornblower and African Queen novelist, C.S. Forrester, a personal assistant to movie stars (Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, and Eddie Fisher), and a man who raises Siberian Huskies for rescue work (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jan. 31, 1957: secret word is “Head,” this is a really fun episode with contestants Jan Dietrich, a female Cessna airplane pilot, paired with John Roese, a man who spent his honeymoon at an Eagles convention, followed by Italian war bride and “Big Boy” waitress Nina Morgan paired with talent agent Nicky Stewart; Groucho and Nicky have a lively discussion about show business that results in some fancy improvised footwork!

  • Nov. 28, 1957: secret word is “Chair,” contestants include a world-traveller with an uncooperative talking mynah bird; two items of note for this episode: Groucho references one of the series’ most famous contestants, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, and he inadvertently gives away the secret word and awards the contestants the money anyway (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Dec. 5, 1957: secret word is “Room,” a fascinating episode featuring only one pair of contestants, rather than the usual 2 or 3 pairings; baritone John Charles Thomas sings “Golfer’s Lament,” and his teenaged co-contestant counters with a couple choruses of “All Shook Up,” which gets Groucho jitterbugging and a debate about rock music going between the contestants and a member of the audience!

  • Dec. 19, 1957: secret word is “hand,” contestants include an Italian man who chops wood with his teeth, a contestant who improvises a rendition of “I Don’t Care” with the band, and professional wrestler Wild Red Berry

  • Jan. 23, 1958: secret word is “nose,” contestants include a woman who’s a trainer at a gym, an author and world traveller with a prominent beard, and an Inuit army sergeant (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • May 15, 1958: contestants include nightclub singer Gladys Bentley in round 1, and Candice Bergen and Melinda Marx try to raise money for the Girl Scouts in round 2; guest appearance by Edgar Bergen (from VHS source, no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jun. 5, 1958: secret word is “Food,” contestants include two Swiss women named Heidi; the duck is replaced by Miss Minnesota who competed in the Miss Universe pageant

  • Jan. 22, 1959: secret word is “Voice,” contestants include a roulette expert, who must have put his knowledge to good use when it came time to spin the wheel at the end of the episode! (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Jan. 29, 1959: secret word is “Nose,” this is a famous episode where a contestant who used to be a strongman with Ripley’s Believe It or Not blows up a car inner tube until it explodes (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Apr. 23, 1959: secret word is “Grass,” contestants include a poet who admits she lost on The $64,000 Question, a watch salesman who’s carrying a lot of product on him, a TV host from London (Patricia Cutts), and Stanford football coach Jack Curtice (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • May 7, 1959: secret word is “Money,” contestants include Rex the Wonder Horse, and a hilarious old man who pretends he’s 65 years old so he can secure bank loans (no commercials; 25 min.)

  • May 11, 1961: Harpo Marx makes a cameo appearance to promote his memoir, Harpo Speaks (from VHS source, no commercials; 25 min.)

  • Aug. 3, 1988 (tape date): Pilot #3 for an unsold revival starring Richard Dawson

*You Can’t Do That on Television (1986: “Contests” episode with Alanis Morissette and featuring the original CTV commercials; ½ hr.)

  • Additional seven episodes from Nickelodeon run available: “Dating” (1981), “Cosmetics” (1982, never aired after 1987 in the U.S.), “Television” (1982, with multi-color slime scene), “Technology” (1984, with green and red squares), “Music” (1986, with Alanis), “Time” (1989, ASN broadcast without commercials), and “Failure” (1989).

You Don’t Say! (Apr. 5, 1963: fun NBC daytime word game hosted by a young Tom Kennedy; 5th episode with guests Betty White and Barry Sullivan; ½ hr.)

You're in the Picture (host: Jackie Gleason, with time-code burn-in, 1/2 hr. each)

  • Jan. 20, 1961: premiere -- and only episode -- with Jan Sterling, Arthur Treacher, Pat Carroll, Pat Harrington Jr.

  • Jan. 27, 1961: Jackie Gleason improvises an apology for the previous week's program lasting the entire half-hour

Your Show of Shows (Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris; see also Caesar's Hour above)

  • Dec. 9, 1950: host Melvyn Douglas, featuring Marguerite Piazza singing from Don Giovanni, the Billy Williams Quartet singing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” and a Ziegfeld parody on the “American Beauty Rose” (30 min. excerpt; last ½ hr of episode)

  • Dec. 16, 1950: host Marsha Hunt, featuring Imogene Coca singing “You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun,” and Marguerite Piazza, Bill Hayes, and Jack Russell singing from “The Gypsy Baron” (30 min. excerpt)

  • Sept. 8, 1951: third season premiere with host Wendell Corey (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Feb. 23, 1952: host Margaret Lindsay (1 ½ hrs.)

  • Jan. 30, 1954: host Angela Lansbury (missing short segment in third act, 82 min.)

  • Mar. 6, 1954: host Zachary Scott; features an appearance by a young Leslie Uggams (recorded from The Museum of Television & Radio Showcase on TV Land, no commercials, 76 min.)

  • Apr. 5, 1967: The Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris Special (CBS reunion special; B&W kinescope, no commercials, 50 min.)

  • 1973: "Ten From Your Show of Shows" theatrical film (1 1/2 hrs.)

  • Aug. 19, 1996: “Caesar’s Writers” special, hosted by Billy Crystal, featuring head writer Mel Tolkin, Sid, Carl Reiner, Aaron Ruben, Larry Gelbart, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Danny Simon, Sheldon Keller, and Gary Belkin, recorded Jan. 24, 1996 at the Writer’s Guid Theater in Beverly Hills, CA (as broadcast on PBS: 1 ½ hrs. OR full uncut version as recorded: 2 hrs.)



  • All in the Family (looking for episodes from original CBS broadcast run with original commercials)

  • Caesar's Hour

  • The Carol Burnett Show (looking for episodes from original CBS broadcast run with original commercials)

  • Concentration (looking for episodes from the original 1958-73 NBC run)

  • The David Letterman Show (looking for any episodes I don't have above)

  • *Definition

  • The Frank Sinatra Show and subsequent Frank Sinatra specials with original commercials

  • Herb Alpert special from Apr. 25, 1967 (features then-unknowns Goldie Hawn and Sally Struthers as chorus girls)

  • The Jackie Gleason Show (both his 1950s/1960s variety show, as well as the 1961 talk show)

  • Jeopardy! (looking for episodes from the original 1964-75 NBC run with Art Fleming)

  • The Match Game (looking for episodes from the 1960s NBC run from New York with Gene Rayburn)

  • Name That Tune

  • *Night Moves (companion show to Night Walk and Night Ride)

  • *Party Game

  • Password (all versions, but especially any footage from the 1971-75 ABC run with Allen Ludden)

  • Pyramid (all versions, but especially the original 1973-74 CBS run of The $10,000 Pyramid)

  • Saturday Night Live (any episodes as originally broadcast, especially the first season, with original commercials; also looking for Jason Bateman/Kelly Clarkson [Feb. 12, 2005: season 30, episode 12])

  • Split Second (looking for episodes from the 1970s ABC run with Tom Kennedy)

  • The Steve Allen Show (also looking for episodes of The Steve Allen Comedy Hour as well as the Steve Allen Westinghouse late-night series)

  • *Shhh! ... It's the News (1970s Global satire series)

  • That Was the Week That Was (1964-65 NBC series)

  • The Tonight Show (Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson episodes)

  • Tony Awards

  • *The Uncle Bobby Show (long-running CTV children's series)

  • Your Show of Shows

  • ... and vintage game shows are especially of interest.


  • Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel

  • *Happy Gang

  • Music By Gershwin

  • Saturday Night Swing Club

  • Smile Time

  • The Steve Allen Show (KNX Los Angeles series)

  • *Wayne & Shuster

  • ... and big band remotes from the 1930s and 1940s


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